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Guiding Students to the Future

December 10, 2012
Irvington High School

 By Stephan James

What do you think goes on in the mind of the average guidance counselor? On December 2, 2012 at Irvington High school, guidance counselor Mr. Jamal Angoy was asked that very question.

“Mr. Angoy, approximately how long have you been working at Irvington High school?”

Mr. Angoy smiled.“I started working in the Irvington school district in 2007, and I've been at the high school since 2010-2011 school year,” he said, steadily tapping his finger on his desk.

“Do you honestly like the school?”

Mr Angoy responded honestly. “There are some things I like and some thing I don't like,” he stated, looking at me with the most serious face.

Mr. Angoy seemed to want to focus on the positive aspects of the school and the students. “Watching the students mature and progressing from year to year is a joy to watch!”

Even-though the conversation was serious, Mr. Angoy seemed very calm and patient with the questions that were being asked.

“What are your future goals as a Irvington High School counselor?”

Mr. Angoy didn't hesitate. “I would like to have a full roster of students that graduate,” he replied.

“How long have you been a guidance counselor?”

“In total, I have been a guidance counselor for 6 years in total,” he says, while typing on the computer.

“Mr. Angoy, what are some goals and achievements you have accomplished while working here?”

“I have had many students reach their full potential, each students has their own rate of progressing and its my job to find that out,” he replied.


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