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Multipot Hosts Multi-Talented Students

November 28, 2012
Irvington High School

By Angelique Jeter

Is America’s next pop star coming from Irivington High?
On Friday October 26, Irvington High School’s MultiPot Dance Crew held the debut Talent Show for the 2012-2013 school year.

Many parents, teachers, administrators, and students attended the event. All the contestants and audience claim to have had a great time. There was food, comedy, and lots of talent!

Ricardo Rivera, a member of Multi Pot, tweeted later that night, “Irvington High School Talent Show was a success!” He performed with his dance Crew, MultiPot, in the Event.

A lot of the participants in the showcase were very nervous prior to performing. “Nagee.” who sang with the group, “Potential,” was very quiet, isolated and jittery right before the performance. But when he sang, screams came from all over the auditorium. Girls were literally all over him after the show. Good Job Nagee!

There were plenty of dancers and music performances to hype the crowd up. One dancing group called “ILL-MATIC FORCE,” had the audience dancing in their seats with them, LITERALLY!

Irvington High’s Step Team also hyped the audience up quite a bit. They even had little boys throw “glow in the dark wrist bands” into the crowd. They ended their performance with a freestyle dancing circle.

“I never knew there were so much talent in this school,” says Tianna Richardson, an Irvington high School student who attended the Talent Show.

Could Irvington High really hold the future’s Beyonce and Jay-Z or Paula Abdul? You never know. With all the talent shown on Friday night, IHS might hold the world’s next big star!

CLICK HERE to check out some of the great acts and a "behind the scenes" look at this year's talent.


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