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The "FIELD" of dreams

November 30, 2012
Irvington High School

 By Ranee Wendy Robertson

 In the past, many coaches and athletes were promised new fields. They turned out to be just empty promises. At Irvington High School, the same seems to be true.

While talk of a new football field, track and more has always circulated, many students fear that these are just fields of dreams. Athletes believe they will never get the fields they deserve. The coaches, though, always believe there is hope.

The football and track teams, for example, have been promised a new field as late as last year. They are still waiting.

“The new field has been promised plenty times before, but this past time was the most serious proposal. The athletes make due with what they have, so I hope one day they get it,” said Football Coach Pete Pascarella.

“The new field would be a reward to our athletic programs. Our track team is one of the best in New Jersey, and they need a track to run on. They deserve it,” said Coach Ronnie Kaymore. “The athletes use the current field as motivation.”

“There is something good about the current field. It’s bittersweet. It’s also fun to beat opponents down to the dirt,” said Coach Pete.

The coaches are not the only ones who feel the athletes need a new field. The athletes, themselves, while very patient, do complain at times because they do not have the same advantages and facilities as their opponents.

 “Although the coaches try to build their confidence so they can win with what they have, they still need a better place to practice. The teams would have more proficient practices with a better surface. The field is unplayable when it rains,” said Coach Pete.

Mr. Marvin Hawkins, track coach, also believes that there would be less injured athletes if there were a new field to practice on. “The injuries mess with our chances of winning, because our people that work hard are needed, but the current field is changing the game for us,” said Coach Hawkins.

 Only time will tell if the athletes receive a new field. The coaches and athletes will continue to hope for the best and try their hardest.



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