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GUY CODE Is the Talk of TV

January 25, 2012
Irvington High School

By Mahalia Hooker

Ever wonder about the things that go through a guy or girl’s mind? Ever want to find out their perspective on things that the opposite sex thought was okay? Well, look no further because there is a solution!

Guy Code, a television show that recently made its debut in November on MTV2, gives all the details on girls and guys perspective on topics starting from dating all the way to making a big impression at holiday parties. They even explain the definition of a guy’s “code.” It’s a language embedded in your DNA, only a guy’s DNA, that cannot be written with formulas or written down into a book. It’s simply guy code.

Sometimes people tend to overstep boundaries because they never learned the code. For example, if your friend tends to smell “unusual,” Guy Code teaches you how to address and how women feel about unhygienic men. Guy Code  even goes as far as to explain to guys that it is not about their money, but their confidence, and teaches guys how to address situations beyond themselves.

Want to be a mind reader? Guy Code  teaches men how to read a woman’s mind and gain confidence while being smooth.

But, do not only think that this television show benefits a man. Guy Code benefits women in many ways more that it does men. Guy Code gives women insight into how men think and allows them to understand that talking about their cat all day is not a topic men want to listen to.
In fact, Guy Code even dealt with the worst of all situations: Cat- sitting! Ever had to cat- sit for someone?

Worse…have you ever been stuck in the friend-zone? The friend- zone, for those out there who do not know, is the point in a friendship in which one person likes the other person, but they cannot seem to get past just being friends. Guy Code even teaches you how to avoid such situations.

More importantly, on behalf of women, Guy Code teaches how not to fall for certain things a guy might say, and also for men not to fall for things that women might say.

The show, however, does not only focus on relationships. It also focuses on friendships, like how to address your friend after a bad relationship or what to do if his car is really embarrassing.

Guy Code, while it may not sound like it’s for you, is actually not a bad television show at all. It’s for people of all ages, not only teenagers getting into dating, but for 20’somethings who are in the middle of establishing relationships along with the lives and even for those in their mid- thirties who trying to settle down.

If you ever thought that many of life’s rules  were unspoken, Guy Code contradicts that theory. The show deals with taboo topics that no one wants to talk about, but everyone knows needs to be brought up, like invasion of space and talking to closely to someone’s face.

Never has a television show tried to teach the human race what is allowed and what is prohibited. Guy Code is the only code that can break down the thoughts of the human mind, without using numbers and equations, and make sense. Maybe it’s time you began to learn Guy Code!

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