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KHSAA Issues Spring Practice Reminder

February 24, 2011
KHS GameNight

This reminder that the three-week window, from which 10
days can be selected for spring practice, begins on the Monday
following the last basketball team's elimination from postseason
play. There was a proposal to change that time period that has
passed a vote of the schools, but has not yet been approved by
the General Assembly committee as required, and will not be
approved in time for 2011 implementation. The passage by the
Annual Meeting is only the fi rst step in the regulation approval

Therefore the rule for this spring remains exactly as it has
been for many years and the three week window is the three
school weeks immediately following (beginning on Monday) the
elimination of that school's last basketball team.

BYLAW 25, Section 5 - Football

h) Each football school may conduct ten (10) practice periods
of not more than two (2) hours in length and not more than one
practice per day over ten (10) days during the three calendar
school weeks following the school's elimination from postseason
play in basketball. All equipment authorized by the football
playing rules may be used during this period. There shall be no
inter-school competition during this period, and all participants
shall be eligible according to all KHSAA eligibility rules. In order
to conduct the spring practice sessions:
1) No student below grade nine may participate nor may
seniors participate;
2) Dates shall be reported to the KHSAA on supplied forms;
3) Only students currently eligible by all KHSAA rules including
Bylaws 2 through 12 may participate;
4) Intrasquad games may be held but shall be counted as one
of the ten practice sessions;
5) There shall be no school or coach imposed penalty for any
player who chooses not to participate; and
6) There shall be no mandatory participation by any person
on a spring sports eligibility list (or entering any spring sport
scrimmage or contest) and no mandatory participation by any
other person not appearing on a spring sports roster.

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