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NCAA Looking Into Nerlens Noel Is No Surprise

September 17, 2012
By Tyler Bloyd of KentuckySports.co

nerlens-noel-hairKentucky is used to getting the very best recruits each year since head coach John Calipari took over the helm. Four consecutive seasons he and his staff have reeled in the number one or two class by all scouting agencies and with that territory comes red flags.

You may remember in 2009, former Wildcat Eric Bledsoe had his transcripts looked into after classes were in question. During the 2010 season, Enes Kanter was ruled ineligible after a investigation team went all the way to Europe to look into Kanter and possible funds given to him impermissibly. This past year, number one pick in NBA Draft Anthony Davis brought questioning when a reporter said he or his family were asking for $200,000 or more to play basketball. Later in the discussions it came out he was lying about the accusations.

Now, today, around 4:00pm the twitter world blew up after new SportsIllustrated.com writer Pete Thamel tweeted out the following.


Thamel, former NCAA president has written a article letting it be known Nerlens Noel is being looked into. The NCAA officials took a visit to his New Hampshire high school where they focused on people who were involved in Noel's recruitment and how he paid for his unofficial visits. This is all according to a person with knowledge of the NCAA inquiry according to the article even though Noel was cleared in early August. No real mention of the University itself or Calipari but the fact that it is happening, AGAIN, is really no surprise. He is the same character who has been hunting for information on Cal OR UK recruits for years(above cases), with no success. So I just say let it be as I am sure nothing will come out of this story.

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