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This Louisville football season could be bigger than you think.

August 9, 2012



     It seems like the coaches and players are beginning to relish these high expectations.  They even seem to be confident in them.  Again not a single down has been played and even coach Bedford said "you never know when the lights come on we might have to get them diapers"  Something along those lines.  It brings me to think about how huge really this football season could be.  Of course winning the Big East would be great and a birth in a BCS game, while the Big East still has one would be huge.  I mean it could be even bigger as far as any realignment Louisville could be mentioned in for the future.

     Right now Louisville is in a Big East conference which seems great for most sports but, in football not so much.  The Big East is turning into the North American Conference in the next few years.  Will Louisville have a spot at the big boys table when the 4 team playoff starts in a few years?  I'm not sure it will.  I even watched Big East media days a week or so ago and ESPN seemed to cover it like they were at a funeral.  Granted ESPN seems to want to get rid of Big East football in general.  I'm not sure the reason but it sure seems that way.

     Louisville is probably sitting at the top of the most likely Big East team to be poached when the next realignment saga continues.  The big thing is to keep Louisville football on the upward trend.  Louisville has to take advantage and keep the pressure on the Big 12 or ACC.  If you think about it Louisville was a nose hair from going the Big 12 over West Virginia.  That was even with Louisville having a bad 3 year span before coach Strong arrived.  If Louisville wouldn't have had that span and stayed steady after the Orange Bowl win in 2006 who knows what would have happened.

     A BCS birth this year and even a win keeps Louisville football in the limelight.  Louisville has to show they are big time and can stay there.  Louisville offers of course so much else in other sports.  The most profitable basketball team in the country. 50 Big East championships since they joined in 2005, only below Notre Dame.  Louisville's facilities are top notch across the board.  When it all comes down to it though it comes back to football.  Of course television markets play a role but, I'm sorry Morgantown, WV?  Louisville fans have to show up and sell out Papa Johns every home game.  The team has to show up for those home games and get over their home woes like losses to FIU and Marshall last year.


I know even in the past few weeks Louisville has lost some recruits.  Some decommitted and some they just didn't get.  Even the coaches seem to have said recruiting has been tougher lately. Negative recruiting is going on but, that's going to go on everywhere regardless of what conference you're in.  However, you don't want this to turn into a trend.  If your a Louisville fan you also have to wonder how long coach Strong will continue to stay.  I know coach Strong really seems to love Louisville but, every college football coach wants to play for the ultimate prize the national championship.  I'm not sure it would happen in the Big East.

     When it's all said and done though first and foremost Louisville has to win.  That's a lot of pressure with possibly even bigger implications for a young team.  Louisville in the end has to stay relevant in a football world.  That way when that breaking news comes out again one day about more realignment moves Louisville is not left standing at the altar again.

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