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Anthony "Skynet" Davis?? Say it Ain't So NO!

August 1, 2012


I was on the ride home from the 1450am Sports Buzz compound this morning after a great morning show with Jeff Mason and Dugan Ryan as I heard that New Orleans is attempting a new nickname for our man we like to Brow Down to.

The guys down at hornets247.com have put together a name that just isn't right for Anthony Davis, they want him to be called "SkyNet."

Why SkyNet do you ask? Well they attempted to explain it in a blog along with a AI video saying that they are looking for the future, and saying Davis is that, which he is but not with the nickname of SkyNet. He is already known as the "Brow" and we would expect him to stick with it. I mean the kid even put a copyright down on his famous uni-brow so that any everyday Joe could not go out and profit from his great looks.

Now this may just be a marketing ploy by the SkyNet people to get their business out there, maybe teaming up with this site but it will not fly with BBN and probably Davis himself as he has taken the nickname in with pride. So start over New Orleans or just stick to what is right, the BROW!


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