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A Look At Louisville Basketball's Recruiting Board

April 18, 2012
By Jon Hancock of KentuckySports.co



-Terry Rozier, 4-Star, 6'1 170, PG, Committed To Louisville



-Anton Gill, 4-Star, 6'2 165, Guard, Committed To Louisville

-Jabari Parker, 5-Star, 6'7 215, Forward, Schools Interested: BYU, Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, UConn, Ohio State, UNC, Michigan St., and several others.

-BeeJay Anya, 5-Star, 6'8 255, Center, Schools Interested: Florida, Kansas, Louisville, Georgetown, Maryland, Indiana, and several others.

-Tyler Ennis, 5-Star, 6'2 175, PG, Schools Interested: Louisville, Kansas, Georgetown, Arizona, Florida,  Wake Forrest, Syracuse and several other colleges.

- Isaac Hamilton, 5-Star, 6'4 175, SG, Schools Interested: Louisville, Arizona, Baylor, UCLA, Washington and several others.

-Kennedy Meeks, 4-Star, 6'8 255, C, Schools Interested: Louisville, North Carolina St., UNC, South Carolina, Florida State and several others.

- Moses Kingsley, 4-Star, 6'9 225, C, Schools Interested: Louisville, Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi, Miss. St.

-Sindarius Thornwell, 4-Star, 6'3 160, SG, Schools Interested: Louisville, Clemson, Penn St., North Carolina St., Virginia Tech, Tennessee and several others.

-Dominic Woodson, 4-Star, 6'9 240, C, Schools Interested: Louisville, Baylor, UConn, Memphis, Maryland, Michigan, TCU and several others.

-Greg McClinton, 4-Star, 6'6 165, SF, Schools Interested: Xavier, Missouri, North Carolina St., Wake Forrest, Virginia Tech and several others.

-Jarrell Martin, 4-Star, 6'7 210, PF, Schools Interested: West Virginia, Louisville, Arizona, Alabama, LSU, Memphis, Texas and several others.

-Jarquez Smith, 4-Star, 6'9 220, PF, Schools Interested: Louisville, South Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech.

-Devin Williams, 4-Star, 6'7 220, PF, Schools Interested: Cincinnati, Georgetown, Louisville, UCLA, West Virginia, Ohio State and several others.

-Malik Price-Martin, 4-Star, 6'8 175, PF, Schools Interested: Louisville, Syracuse, South Carolina, Miami(FL) and Ohio State.

-Kuran Iverson, 4-Star, 6'8 190, PF, Schools Interested: Louisville, UConn, St. Johns, Kentucky, Seton Hall and several others.

-Darryl Baker, 3-Star, 6'2 170, PG, Butler, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan St. and Xavier.

-Jermaine Lawerence, 3-Star, 6'8 175, PF, Florida, Rutgers, Louisville, Xavier, St. Johns and several others.



-Quentin Snider, 3-Star, 6'1 150, Committed To Louisville.

-Dakari Johnson, 5-Star, 6'9 235, C, Schools Interested: Kentucky, Louisville, St. Johns, Arizona, Florida, Seton Hall and several others.

-Jaquan Lyle, 4-Star, 6'4 170, SG, Schools Interested: Louisville, Indiana, Memphis, Kentucky, Michigan State, Purdue and several others.

-D'Angelo Russell, 4-Star, 6'2 175, Schools Interested: Louisville, Indiana, Kentucky, Purdue, Xavier and Ohio State.

-Jalen Lindsey, 4-Star, 6'6 180, SF, Schools Interested: Louisville, North Carolina, North Carolina St., Vandi, Memphis and several others.

- Shaqquan Aaron, 6'8 170, SF, Schools Interested: UConn, Arizona, Louisville, Oregon, UCLA, UNLV and several others.

-Jordon Green, 6'4 185, SG, Schools Interested: Kentucky, Indiana, Louisville, Xavier, Cincinnati, South Carolina and Purdue.

-Trey Grundy, 6'6 180, SF, Schools Interested: Louisville, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Tennessee and Xavier.

-Idrissa Diallo, 6'10 220, C, Schools Interested: Arizona, California, Oregon St., Louisville, USC, UTEP Washington, Washington St.

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