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The game has simply passed Rick Pitino by…

March 25, 2012
By Tyler Bloyd of KentuckySports.co




Hard practice and defense? It’s just stupid…

Obviously Rick pushes his players’ way too hard in practice. Just ask C.L. Brown. If he were to run more relaxed practices the Cards would be much better prepared for an NCAA tournament run. He simply doesn’t understand that practicing hard and paying extra attention to detail in the film room etc. doesn’t have any impact on the way the team plays on the court.

Rick needs to take a note from Ben Howland’s book and allow the top prospects who come to Louisville to do what they want during practice instead of being such an uptight disciplinarian with each of his student athletes. These kids have been told they are the greatest thing since sliced bread ever since they were in middle school, what they need is for a coach to continue to build them up so they can realize they are each completely invincible.

The old saying “defense wins championships” is simply outdated and no fun. Why doesn’t Rick just implement a simple 2-3 zone or a basic man to man scheme and focus more on offense? Switching defenses mid-possession is just silly and too complicated. I don’t think it even works. We never do that on my church-league basketball team so why should Rick try to do it with the Cards? Everyone (who knows basketball, which obviously doesn’t include Rick Pitino) knows offense is more fun and much more important than playing good defense.

If I were a young basketball player I certainly wouldn’t want some old man up in my face telling me to play harder defense and to study my play book. Would you? I didn’t think so. Games are much more fun than practice anyways.

Rick can’t relate to players these days…

If Rick could only promote an atmosphere where players seemed to enjoy themselves, maybe he could get good recruits to come to Louisville. He is old and simply doesn’t seem to understand that working hard and playing defense isn’t something that young freshman want to do. If he would just buy into the hype that every incoming freshman has to play regardless of their defensive effort than he would surely not have the horrible reputation he has across the country as being an old coach who is out of touch with reality.

Jay Bilas has went on record saying Rick Pitino is one of the very best coaches in the entire country multiple times over the past couple of seasons, but Bilas is known as being very impulsive and irrational when discussing college basketball. No one who follows college basketball gives Bilas any credit or listens to what he says, so who really cares what Bilas has to say? Not me!

The current team of Cardinal basketball players obviously isn’t having any fun and is living in fear of the tyrant that is Rick Pitino. Russ Smith for example is obviously uncomfortable being himself in front of his HC. I thought it was very indicative of the fear Pitino has instilled in his players when after the Cards defeated New Mexico to advance to the elite eight Russ Smith gave his head coach “bunny-ears” while Rick was being interviewed.   This is obviously a sign that Russ fears Rick Pitino in a similar way that dogs fear Michael Vick.

Chicago Sun-Times POY award winner Wayne Blackshear committed to play for HC Rick Pitino. Wayne obviously already regrets his decision to come to Louisville and I would imagine all his friends and family from Chicago are wondering why he ever went to Louisville in the first place.

There are three main things that Rick has done to Wayne so far this season that get under my skin, they are: 1.He purposely injured each of Wayne’s shoulders. 2. He has constantly made fun of Wayne for being really fat and 3. He has exposed Wayne to a truly horrible post-season run whcih will surely result in Wayne transferring somewhere, anywhere else other than Louisville.

Here is an article in the Chicago Sun Times about the Cards victory over Florida.

Rick is a horrible person…

Rick cheated on his wife and everyone knows it! This clearly means he is not only a bad husband but a terrible person who is incapable of coaching a college basketball team. Have you ever met a “cheater” in person? They are all horrible, disgusting people.

I used to work with a guy who was a known “cheater”. He would always be asking me if I wanted to go to “the club” after work even though he had a wife at home with 3 children too! I know for a fact this guy had sexual relations with a girl from our work (she told everyone about it at the water cooler) and to be honest with you I’ve never trusted him or anyone else like him ever since. Because of his infidelity he wasn’t capable of advancing or succeeding in the corporate world and therefore was doomed to a life of failure.

When men are unfaithful to their wives they never succeed in other facets of their life. Can you give me one example of a successful man who cheated on his wife and managed to be extremely successful in his career? Can’t think of one? Yeah, me neither.

How can Pitino expect to bring in top rated recruits when they are all looking specifically for a Head Coach who is faithful to their wife? The best high school basketball players today look up to role models like Tim Tebow, Doug Christie and A.C. Green. Do you think a top rated prospect would even consider signing on to play for a convicted womanizer? I don’t think so.

Give me a coach who has put multiple programs on probation or a HC who has no documented marital problems PLEASE! Any coach except for Rick Pitino.

Brad Stevens, Shaka Smart or basically anyone other than Rick would be better for Louisville than Rick Pitino…

Brad Stevens is only 35 years old and has already taken Butler to the championship game in two consecutive seasons (2010 and 2011). Shaka Smart is only 34 years and took VCU to the final four during the 2011 NCAA tournament.

Because they have both obviously had extremely impressive success early in their young careers, they should have their pick of the litter and replace one of the most well respected basketball minds in the country as soon as possible. That’s just how it’s always has worked and how it always will. When a young “hot shot” coach comes along you should immediately fire your coach if they have underperformed in two or more consecutive seasons.

They (Stevens and Smart) have been very successful this early in their careers, which is a clear indication that if they came to Louisville they wouldn’t have any down years and they certainly wouldn’t ever be knocked out of the NCAA tournament in the first round in consecutive seasons. And if they did, they would obviously immediately be replaced by the hottest young coach on the market at the time. Or at least that’s what should happen.

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