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It sure feels good to be a Cards fan today!

March 25, 2012
By Jon Hancock of KentuckySports.co



Who doesn’t love Russ Smith? In this article by Ryan Fagan from Sporting News he tells the following story about the moments after Rick Pitino was given a technical by referee Karl Hess:

 Standing out near the midcourt line, Smith took it upon himself to plead the Cardinals’ case to referee Karl Hess, who had called the technical when he didn’t like Pitino’s reaction to the Siva foul.

“I was telling him, ‘Coach is just into the game. He’s going to come out of the box, it happens. He wasn’t addressing any of the referees, so can you just take it easy on him? Just look at the game a little more closely because our big guys are getting fouled, and they’re flopping,’ ” Smith said. “And the ref was very professional. He took it, and we moved on.”

During a season where the Cards need offense more than anything else I am more thankful every game that god gave Cards fans the wonderful gift of Russ Smith.

Here is another great article about Russ Smith. This one is from Sports Illustrated.

 The article references the following story from a Cards practice earlier this season:

Like the day in practice this season when he was alternating between shouting at Smith and sending him to the treadmill as punishment. “He was just very unhappy,” Smith said. “It got to the point where he was in my face yelling, and I was like, ‘Alright, coach, alright coach. What I could really use now is a hug.’

“And everyone was just like, ‘What?’ He looked at me with a shocked face, and so I just gave him a hug and walked away. And he didn’t yell at me for the rest of practice.”


Here is a great blog post by Eric Crawford of the Courier Journal.

 Among many great quotes here is simple yet great one: “Coach P is the man.”-Andre Mcgee

Here is another great quote Crawford mentions from the post-game press conference last night:

“I was walking out and my wife said to me, isn’t Seth Davis a friend of yours?  I said, he’s a good friend of mine, I take him golfing.  Someone said he tweeted I guarantee you that Florida will win.  I said, honey, that is the greatest news, outside of Digger, that’s the greatest thing that can happen to us.  He’s never right. He’s the guy that goes to a racetrack for a week and goes 0 for 45.  It’s awesome.  I didn’t think we had a shot until that happened when I was walking out the door.”-Rick Pitino

I know you have heard there were some serious celebrations after the Cards advanced to the Final Four for the first time since 2005. Here is WHAS 11 News coverage of the celebration.

WHAS 11 seems to truly be the local news station that is really getting behind the Cards 100%

Gotta love when everyone is happy!  Enjoy the moment Cards fans! GO CARDS!  BEAT KENTUCKY!

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