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Nerlens Noel blogs for ESPN.com; talks UK visit

February 20, 2012

Now that Nerlens Noel has reclassified to the 2012 class, ESPN.com has the kid writing a blog for their High School section covering his experience on the recruiting trail and coverage up to his commitment. This week in "Nerlens' Notebook," he blogged about his visit to Kentucky over the weekend and he seemed to enjoy it from what I see. Here is the excerpt from the article about the UK stop:

This past weekend I went to Kentucky.

I got there Friday morning and went to their practice for about an hour. I really liked the way they practice there. I just like the momentum they have in their practice. The practices are short, but they get everything done that they need to get in. It’s really productive.

I went to the game the next day and the fans most definitely lived up to the hype. They were just real live and they chanted my name about eight times. It was so loud in there.

One of the fans came up to me and said “SEC girls love flattops!” I thought that was pretty funny. I really liked watching them play, and sitting behind the bench I got a real feel about how they do it. Coach John Calipari really gets on them when they make mistakes so they won’t make them again. I was impressed.

I got a chance to talk to coach Cal a lot during my visit. He talked a lot about how I could come in there and work hard and succeed. He talked a lot about playing at the NBA level and things like that. I thought we had a really good talk.

I did notice that coach Cal’s and coach Boeheim’s recruiting styles are a lot different. Coach Boeheim is way more laid back. He lets you know that he wants you, but he doesn’t press it too much. Coach Cal tells you everything about how he’ll use you, where you’ll fit in, everything.

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