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The Development of Teague's A/T Ratio

February 19, 2012


About 2 weeks ago, I outlined the phenomenal defense of Marquis Teague that has been present all season long.  At first glance, a rival fan may feel that I was trying to rationalize Teague's lack of offensive production by focusing on his defense.  The problem with Marquis Teague is that many rival fans and still many UK fans are focusing on Teague's early season production.  Sure.  Teague definitely looked very rough at the beginning of the season.  Early on Teague did not appear that he would be living up to the hype of a John Calipari point guard any time soon.


As previously mentioned, UK fans have become spoiled with the lineage of Calipari point guards at Kentucky.  We've had John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and Brandon Knight all in a matter of 2 previous seasons.  What most Kentucky fans don't stop to consider is that through the first 10 games of the season, Marquis Teague's turnover count was lower than that of both John Wall and Brandon Knight.  Not only was it lower, it was quite a bit lower.  Through the first 10 games, John Wall had 45 turnovers.  Brandon Knight had 36 turnovers.  Marquis Teague?  He had the lowest of the three with 27 turnovers in the first 10 games.  Of the three, John Wall certainly had a better assist count at 63.  Knight had 37 assists.  Teague? 41 assists.  Let's take a look at the A/T ratio for all three.

John Wall                   1.4:1
Brandon Knight          1.0:1
Marquis Teague         1.5:1

Interesting, right?  Teague has definitely drawn more criticism from fans and rivals than Wall and Knight, yet early on, Teague had a better A/T ratio than both.  Kentucky fans idolize current NBA point guards Wall and Knight, yet we were so hard on Teague early in the season when statistically, he was being a better true PG than both Knight and Wall.  Odd, right?


Now I want to take a bigger look at Marquis Teague's development throughout the entire season.


Through the entire non-conference schedule, Teague had 68 assists and 48 turnovers for a 1.4:1 A/T ratio.

For all of SEC play so far, Teague has 62 assists to 30 turnovers for a 2.1:1 A/T ratio.

Over the last 7 SEC games, Teague has 44 assists and 14 turnovers for a 3.1:1 A/T ratio.


It is clear that Kentucky's Marquis Teague is clearly getting better as the season progresses.  Many talking-heads have said that Teague will be the reason that Kentucky does not win the national title.  When you hear the talking-heads say such things, keep in mind that early on, Teague was ahead of the precedent pace set by #1 draft pick John Wall and lottery pick Brandon Knight... and he's still getting better.

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