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February 14, 2011
By TIMOTHY COLE of John M Morehead High School

Well panther faithful the winds of change have spoken and says that on the horizon is a new era of morehead panther football it is time for this program to finally lift it,s head and stand up and rise to the up coming challenges they may face. It,s time to shed the title of being the leagues whipping boy and bring this program back to it,s competitive standard.

It,s time for the community, school student body, faculty and any one else who supports this program to stand up and represent these kids to their fullest,but also let me say that the returning players it is you who will truly make the difference guys you,ve got to put the work in you,ve got to play with heart and confidence,i feel that the right man to usher in this new era is a man whom has proven that he knows what it takes to turn this program around and restore this football program back to prominence and respectability.

We all know what coach David Bray and his staff accomplished with the J.V. program, so why not replace a broken part with a part that is proven to work and be successful, the kids respect and respond well to coach bray ,not only will he bring out the best performance in them on the field but his commitment of a higher standard in the classroom as well, truly the best candidate to orcastrate this new era of panther football.

Their are some other issues that will also need to be address[ traffic on the field during the season,scoreboard,stadium conditions ie: cracks in the steps, crumbling ect field house football equipment ie: helmets for safety, no rome was,nt built in a day [ NOR DID IT LAST FOREVER ] let,s think about the kids for once, the boosters cant do it all where,s all this panther pride .

Every school in this county [ rockingham co ] has progressed in one way or another it,s time for morehead to step into the future. [stay tuned for more to come.............

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