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Water, something humans need

October 13, 2010
Junction City High School

Water, something humans need

by Samuel Trotter
staff contributor
Maroon & Gold

It’s been at least two weeks since I’ve transitioned from Oaklea Middle School to JCHS. Since I’ve gotten here I’ve noticed that only one water fountain in the east wing works. Now, as a student of JCHS I believe this school should have better, and a few more water fountains. I’ve heard that the water fountains in the teacher’s lounge are so powerful that the water goes over the side of the water fountain. And it’d make sense that the science wing water fountains works because it’s the closest water fountain to the super fountains in the teacher’s lounge that are student accessible. I think JCHS should make sure students have access to clean, cold water. Humans need to consume at least six to eight glasses of water each day and school itself consumes up most of the day. 

   I think having water fountains can greatly improve both a student’s academic work and mental thinking power. So, thus, if we have better water fountains I bet we will have better grades. And just think, I, or any other freshman, will have to walk all the way to the science wing just to get water and then I have to walk all the way to my locker to get my binder and then I have to go to class when I could just turn to my right and get a drink from the other water fountains.

   I interviewed principle McRae, I asked him about the water fountains and to which he replied: “It’s just because the east wing is so old. It was built in the ‘30’s.” I completely understand that the building and pipes themselves are old enough to be my great grandfather. It’s just that in the future, if the school has enough money, they could invest in a reasonable renovation for the school, I suggest that the water fountains should be their top priority.

   But it’s not just the water fountains themselves that are bad, it’s the water. So I took a couple of samples of the schools water fountains and sent them to Ecowater, the water filtering company behind McDonald’s, to have them tested. The results were, to my surprise, quite shocking. I mean, I expected just normal tap water but my samples actually contained traces of lime, iron (rust), and pH acid. Now, for Junction City water, this is quite normal because our tap water here is disgusting. So maybe the lack of working water fountains are the schools problem, but the bad, crummy water is the districts problem. I’m the type of person that uses water filters because, in my opinion, I think Junction City tap water is unhealthy to drink. But at least our tap water’s better than Harrisburg’s.
   Speaking of Harrisburg, the lady who tested my water samples said that they “just recently treated Harrisburg’s water fountains.” I thought JCHS could do better than Harrisburg because, technically, their water fountains are better than ours, and we shouldn’t have a rival school beat us at something as small as water fountains. Please JCHS fix the water fountain problem so I won’t be distracted by my dehydration and will be more focused on my school work and paying attention in class.    

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