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Are We Really Illegal?

October 13, 2010
Junction City High School


Are We Really Illegal?
by Hana Reerslev 
-staff contributor
Maroon & Gold

Most illegal immigrants come to America for a better life. Some leave because of political problems in their own country, or because they are in danger, or need a job, or can’t be a certain religion. Try to put your self in someone else’s shoe and you may then understand why they would want to come to America, and risk their lives, and their families lives. If you think that there people come to America to hurt people, then you’re absolutely wrong. Everyone has a story; so maybe we should bother to find out their stories. Illegal immigrants often do jobs that other Americans can’t, or refuse to, do. And according to NPR (National Public Radio) a lot of them come here just to make money to support their families.

   What’s wrong with wanting to make life better? What’s wrong with coming to America and getting educated? Don’t we all deserve to make our lives better? Better yet become a doctor and make other lives better, maybe even change the world.  I am an immigrant and I plan to make this world a better world by becoming a doctor and then going back to Ethiopia to help all the children in need. My mom and dad provided me with the opportunity to come to America. Now I have a better chance of accomplishing my goals.
   Almost everyone in America was an immigrant at some point in their family’s history. Maybe you aren’t but maybe your grandpa or great grandpa was. So why are you criticizing others for being immigrants? There is nothing wrong with that. In fact those are the one who make our world better world because they are hard workers, and are here to make a change for themselves or their kids.
   According to Steven A. there is evidence that the number of new illegal immigrants arriving has fallen by about one-third in the last two years comparing it to in the past years.  Also for the past two years the number of illegal immigrant returning to their home has doubled. This what happens when we don’t care for one another or when we become selfish.  

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