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Picture Stalking

October 18, 2010
Junction City High School

Picture Stalking
by Kaitlin Anderson 
Maroon & Gold

So, just about everyone is into those new iTouch, iPhone, Gravity…whatever else family named smart phones, right? That little touch screen does everything. They’re technologically sound and just overall pretty cool to look at. You can take pretty nifty photos on there too, listen to music, watch videos, play umpteen games, and god knows what else.

   Well, the ‘what else’ in this story is the GPS coordinates embedded in pictures taken with your smart phone. Because you know what else you can do with those pictures? You can post them on the Internet, but everyone knows that. However, did you know that those pictures could get you stalked? Yes. True. It’s fact. It’s happened, and will continue to happen. Would you like to know how? I can know the latitude and longitude of the place you took the picture of that cute kitty next to that purple flower, or where you took your car four wheeling for the weekend and it turned into a dust and mud beautiful disaster.

   All of this can be avoided, however. First let this reporter tell you how this became an issue. Or how it was known anyway. Adam Savage, awesome last name, is the host of the popular science program “Mythbusters.” Savage had posted a picture of his Toyota Land Cruiser in front of his house, along with the picture was the message; “Now it’s off to work,” on Twitter. So now, he revealed the location of his house. Letting potential thieves and stalkers know where he lived, and also when he goes to work thus letting them know when he was possibly not home. Not a smart move. The dangers of this has lead Security experts and privacy advocates to warn everyone about geotags, which are embedded in photos and videos that you take on your phones with GPS. (Even if you don’t use the GPS and just use your phone for photos.)

   The only reason why Savage isn’t so worried, and hasn’t made a big deal of this, is because he has moved.

   If you want to turn off your geotagger, you have to go through several steps. For better information on how to turn it off please go to; ICanStalkU.com which gives you step by step instructions on how to do so. Or if you don’t want to read how to do this, just go on Youtube and try and find it by typing in geotagging.

"Did you know that those pictures could get you stalked? Yes. True. It’s fact. 
It’s happened, and will continue to happen."

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