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2014 Youth League Rules

May 27, 2014
Jamestown Senior High School

2014 Youth Tennis League Rules

League Coordinator:  Jordan Koushkouski  701-269-2544  jordanjames16@hotmail.com

Session 1:  June 2-June 29      Session 2:  TBD

Entrance Fee:  FREE


  • Players will be assigned 2 matches per week for the session.  Each session is 4 weeks long.
    • It is the players’ responsibility to coordinate a time to play with their opponent.
    • You will have 7 days to complete your scheduled matches for the week.
      • Each Monday will be the start of a new week.
  • You MUST play the entire match at one time.  Leaving during the middle of a match will constitute as a forfeit.
  • Make up matches outside of the scheduled week are allowed if both players agree to play on another date (in cases of one player being on vacation, sick, etc.)
    • Please also notify Jordan Koushkouski of any makeup matches
    • If an agreement cannot be reached, the player that is gone will have to forfeit to their opponent.
    • You can make up the match before or after the scheduled week.
    • Make up matches are NOT allowed in cases of no-shows or forgetting to play the scheduled week.  7 days should be plenty of time to play scheduled matches.

      Play best of 3 sets.  First player to win 2 sets wins.
  • Tiebreaker at 6-6 in each set.
  • Full 3rd set, if necessary.
  • No Ad scoring (same as high school tennis).
  • BOTH players should report scores to Jordan Koushkouski at jordanjames16@hotmail.com.  Put the word “tennis” in your subject line.
    • Report scores as soon as possible. 
    • Do not wait until you’ve played a few matches to report scores.
    • Tennis balls will need to be brought by the players.  To be best prepared - when you schedule your match, coordinate with your opponent who will be bringing tennis balls for the match.  Use tennis balls that are in good shape, if not new.  Playing with old or flat tennis balls does not help to develop a player’s game.
    • Remember to bring everything you will need with you during a match.  You cannot leave the courts after you have started the match.  Bring the proper amount of water/fluids, proper footwear, backup racquet(s), towel, or any other equipment you need with you to play.  It is summer, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids!
    • Opponent’s contact info – If you do not know how to contact your opponent, text/call/email Jordan Koushkouski and he will provide you with the info needed to get a hold of your opponent.
      • If you try to contact your opponent and do not get a response, contact Jordan Koushkouski to let him know and he will try to get a hold of your opponent.  If he cannot, this will more than likely result in a forfeit for your opponent.  You must have repeatedly tried to contact your opponent and notified Jordan Koushkouski before a forfeit will be awarded!


Contact Jordan Koushkouski with any other questions or issues by using the phone number or email listed at the top of the page.  Schedules, updates, scores, & any other additional information can be found at www.jamestownbluejays.org, click on either Girls Tennis or Boys Tennis and look in the News section.  Thanks for playing and good luck!

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