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2014 Spring-Summer Program Schedule


2014 Spring Program

Practice Dates:

Saturday, April 5-6 --- Regional practices --- TBD

Saturday, April 12-Sunday, April 13 --- All teams practice at regional practice location (TBD)


Important Spring Dates

Saturday, April 12 --- ACT Test

Friday-Saturday, May 2-3 --- District Track

Friday-Saturday, May 9-10---Sectional Track

Friday-Saturday, May 16-17 ---State Track


Spring Tournament Dates

April 19-20---West Des Moines, IA

April 26-27---Omaha, NE

May 3-4---Lincoln, NE 

May   24-25 ---Council Bluffs, IA

May 30-June 1---Des Moines, IA





-          We are "off" three weekends in May to account for graduations and district and state track.  Teams will be constructed based on your schedule in the spring.


2014 Summer Program

Iowa Navs Summer Camp --- Included in cost---Deducted from cost if you are not out of school.

-          Thursday-Friday, May 29-30 (Central location to be determined)


Practice Dates:

Saturday-Sunday, June 7-8 (at central location) --- 1 practice June 7, 2 practices June 8to accommodate ACT test


Important Summer Dates

Saturday, June 7 --- ACT Test

Saturday, June 14 -Saturday, June 21 --- Boys State


Summer Tournament Dates

Saturday-Sunday, June 14-15 --- Sioux City

Saturday-Sunday, June 21-22 --- Iowa City

Saturday-Sunday, June 28-29 --- ST. LOUIS, MO

Saturday-Sunday, July 5-6 --- Davenport, IA

Saturday-Sunday, July 19-20---Cedar Falls/Waterloo





Spring only session:  $540

Summer only session:  $705

Select both sessions:  $925 --- A lot of our players do both sessions this year and in determining costs; I want to reward people who have shown us real loyalty and cut that cost to them…  This represents $320 in savings.

$150 one-time for gear set for first time players.


Spring --- 4-tournament events, 2-practice weekends, coaching costs, coaches’ hotels, and administration.   

Summer---Camp, 5-tournament events, 2-practice weekends, coaching costs, coaches hotels, and administration.

Early Single Pay Discount:  Take off 10% if paying in full on any of these options by Friday, April 4 2014.


Early Single Pay, As Follows:

Spring - "$540" now becomes "$486" with discount (Save $54)

Summer - "$705" now becomes "$634.50" with discount (Save $70.50)

Both - "$925" now becomes "$832.50" with discount (Save $92.50)


Deposit and Installments:  If you can’t do single pay, here are the installment terms:

·        $350 non-refundable deposit --- holds your spot and is applied to either spring-only, summer-only or both.  This must be received by Friday, April 4 2014.

·        Spring Only: Installment #1 due by April 19 ($95).   Installment #2 due by April 26 ($95).

·        Summer Only:  Installment #1 due by June 1 ($177.50). Installment #2 due by June 15 ($177.50).

·        Both sessions:  Installment #1 of $192 is due April 19, Installment #2 of $191.50 is due May 21, Installment #3 of $191.50 is due June 15




1)      Fees cover --- 5-event entries (spring), 6 event entries (summer); coaches costs, administrative expenses and costs, gym rental, web page updates.


2)      Uniforms --- Uniforms this year are a one-time, $150 package expense.  Included:


    Black-gold reversible jersey and shorts

    Extra game jersey

    Nike Navigators bag

    Two promotional tee-shirts


Our color scheme will be Black and Old Gold.  We will procure a shoe deal from Johnny Mac’s (Springfield) and handle the purchase of these shoes and gear through them. 


3)      Events --- Navigators will provide four events-spring and five events-summer --- schedules are outside our control but care was taken in selecting these events.  The schedule is based on 2012 Corresponding Dates.  Event dates are final ---Locations may vary.


4)      Practices --- The first practice session of each session will be held in a central location with all teams --- Team and family orientation will precede practice.  The second weekend of each session will be held in a regional location.


5)      Playing Time --- Our programs will emphasize both development and winning--- competing to win events.  Situational substitution will be the chosen approach.  We will not carry players at these levels incapable of stepping in interchangeably, but the decision on who plays and when rests entirely on the coach.


6)      Communication --- We will communicate weekly, or more, as needed with parents and players to provide information, updates on tournament schedules as I get them, and needed information that has to get in your hands.  But as email is inexact, and sometimes tenuous for a variety of reasons, the   Navigators web page is absolutely critical to staying on top of necessary information.  Coaches will be forwarded my communications and directed to pass them on to you if it's information you need to know.


7)      Financial Processes and arrangements --- The sign-up documents provided here lay out deadlines and incentives to early sign-up.  We will make every effort to accurately record all deposits, check numbers, and arrangements made with individual families.  But times will emerge where a ball gets dropped.  You may be contacted requesting your help in sorting out the paper trail of payments and invoices.  I appreciate your understanding on this.


A)      Installment Plans --- Contact me at (636) 358-2272 and I will work out a workable payment plan with families incapable of making initial deposits or single-pay arrangements.


B)     Refunds --- An issue which emerges each year is the requesting of refunds as a result of injuries, changes in "player direction" after having committed, leaving the program before its  conclusion, or a series of other reasons.  Once committed, bills for entry fees, hotels, uniforms and gear, beginning coaches expenses and many other miscellaneous expenses are paid --- Revenue in this business is pass through.  It doesn't stay in accounts for long.  Thus...the final word on refund policy:


-          There are absolutely no refunds for any reason after these dates:

April 15, 2014 --- Spring

June 1, 2014 --- Summer


-          We will refund a total of $75 per player in the event a tournament cannot be re-scheduled to within the session schedule.




     The Responsibilities of the Player and Parents to the Team


1)       Your attendance is essential --- It is important that when you confirm your participation to play that you are committed to practice and tournament weekends.  While players can be signed with the knowledge that you may have to miss a practice (Boys State, School camp) or a tournament (same kind of reasons), it is essential that you communicate this to me ahead of time where possible or with two weeks notice if you get surprised down the line.  Generally, we can make it work.  Occasionally, a team is left at 6-players or less going into a weekend, requiring some shuffling when multiple teams attend an event.  We can make it work, but we need time to make it work.  Temporary re-assignments from the State Director may occur under these circumstances.  If taking on this commitment, it cannot be treated as a recreational or YMCA League --- Elite Team players will be expected to be in attendance at all events with the exception granted for Boys State --- Vacations or other school conferences(FFA, FBLA, etc.,)  will not be considered excused events for Elite Team members.


2)      Player behavior, attitude, and demeanor --- We've dismissed two players in the last six years of the program, so some statement of what's expected is necessary.  Players participating in the program must conduct themselves in these specific ways:


3)       Treat all teammates respectfully --- Never, ever put down a teammate, or order them around.  Be a leader.  Encourage, exhort, motivate and inspire but never, ever degrade, cut down or belittle a teammate.


 4)      Do what you are told by coaches without question --- Any directive given you is given for a reason.  Unless the directive is illegal, or immoral, Navigator players respond affirmatively and immediately to all personal and basketball directives given them on or off the court.


 5)      Have a level above the best opponent and their behavior --- Winning respect from officials, opposing coaches and players is essential, win or lose.  I know that not everyone believes that ---  If opponents trash talk or practice rough play, do not lower yourself.  Coaches will fight for you and demand accountability from officials, opposing coaches and their players at all times.  The dignity of the game and of our program absolutely requires that our behavior is 100% beyond reproach.

6)      Players who demonstrate a poor attitude, poor sportsmanship, selfish play, an unwillingness to accept coaching, or demonstrate back-talk, poor body language when substituted for, or are openly in opposition to coach or team can/will be suspended and can/will be dismissed if behavior is not quickly remediated.  There will be little patience for this behavior.  If a player is dismissed from the team for a disciplinary reason, absolutely no refund will be extended.  Unfortunately, sometimes you achieve addition by subtraction.

While I expect exemplary behavior in all regards, the treatment of fellow Navigator players must be like you treat family in all situations.  Game situations, especially, must represent the most exemplary behavior and respectful treatment of other Navigator players, coaches, and families.


 7)       Expectations of parents and families --- Two years ago, we experienced parents who on occasion were very vocal from the stands towards coaches and players, and some behaviors that I do not consider acceptable under any circumstances.  It is program policy from here on that these will be expectations participating parents and families agree to adhere to.


 A)         Your role is to be a supporter and an encourager, not a critic --- If you don't have anything good to say, please refrain from saying anything, especially in public, and especially at the top of your voice.


B)            Your son’s team is playing to compete and win and with an emphasis on participation and development.  Once you're in, you're in and it is assumed that you have bought in to and trust the discretion of your team's coach as to administration and allocation of playing time.


 C)         Please don’t "coach over" your son's coach --- This applies to doing so from the stands, in the car between games, or during warm-ups. There can only be one basketball voice on the court and that is the coach contracted and hired to coach your son.


 D)               Do not approach coaches on team "issues" or "concerns" before a game, during a game, or directly (and especially) after a game --- Coaches are very intense and very driven and very much into what they're doing.  Just like you don't go for a run after a big meal (blood flow concentrated on digestion), a coach's mind is focused very directly on the task at hand.  The best time to visit with a coach is by phone after returning home for the weekend.  If we want to talk to parents after games, we will.  In my instance, before a game, I'm totally consumed on my game-plan --- after, I'm debriefing, want to speak to the team, and give directions and make preparations for the next game.    Distraction is debilitating to preparation.


 E)          If you do have an issue with a coach, avoid blaming other players or families for it --- One complete team did not attend our final event two years ago, precipitated by two players who chose not to go.  An issue parents confronted was the looks and the sense that their sons were being blamed (and by extension them) because of playing time issues.  That should never happen.


 Please try to keep all this in perspective.  No matter how well or poorly our teams play, the results will not make the evening news or the morning papers.  Who it matters to most are the players and the coach --- Everyone else is a SPECTATOR, a FAN, and a CHEERLEADER.  Locker room lawyers, agents and body guards are not what these teams need, and they will be addressed and these behaviors re-directed from my office if and when they emerge.
















Iowa Navigators 2014 Sign-Up


Player Name:


Select Program:

Spring 2014 ---$540 _____

Summer 2013 ---$705_____

Spring-Summer 2013 --- $925______



Please make checks payable to                 IOWA NAVIGATORS BASKETBALL


Mail your check, along with this form, to the following:


Alex Edwards

Iowa Navigators Basketball

601 N. Main St

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