The creation of your Web Site is quick and easy. As you use our template-based website, you will find all of the tools you need to make a slick website that will give your school or organization a well-defined web presence with unlimited Live streaming video, unlimited space for video and photo uploads, the ability to create schedules and rosters on the fly, the ability to create articles. Further, you are provided the tools you need to easily customize your site to fit the needs of your school or organization. Following is an easy step by step process for the creation of your site. From there, the possibilities are endless!

Step 1 Registration

Step 1: To register, click on the "Register" link in the top Menu Bar. It will open a new window.

Step 2: Select "Teacher/Coach/Booster/Fan" to create a website or select "Student Athlete" to create a Personal Profile Page. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will proceed with the school/organization website.

Step 3: A new page is opened. Select your State and click on "Go" button. A new page will open with a list of the high schools in your state.

Step 4: In the Search Window, type in your High School name and click on "Go" button. You should see your High School listed below. (Note: If your High School is not listed, please email and we will create your site template for you.)

Step 5: Click on your High School Link. Fill out the form completely. Use a password that will be easy for you to remember. Please make sure to check the box at the bottom to Agree to the Terms of Service. Click continue.

Step 6: You will then have a confirmation notice sent to the email account you posted in the registration. Check your email and click the confirmation link. If you cannot locate the email, please check your spam filtered emails. If it is not there, send an email to and we will assist you in confirmation.

Step 2 Administration

This section contains four sub-menus to assist you in managing your new site smoothly:
  1. School Settings
  2. Manage Members
  3. Traffic Reports
  4. Request Custom URL

Each of these are covered below.

School Settings Sub-Menu

From this menu you are able to do the following:

1. Rename the school/organization if desired

2. Select the default User Privileges for others that register to the site. As the first to register you automatically become the Administrator. Following are the privileges connected to each type of user.
  1. Administrator Full Control of Site including:
    1. Managing members
    2. Editing the Banner & Skin
    3. Editing and creating links
    4. Adding and removing all content
    5. Organizing the site
    6. Set up Live Streaming Broadcasts for site
    7. Creation and management of ad space for sponsor ads
  2. Contributor Ability to upload content and ability to delete content that you upload
    1. Articles
    2. Photos
    3. Videos
  3. Affiliate Only has access to view content on the site, participate in polls and make comments to content (if Admin has selected this option)
3. Select the number of articles displayed on the Home Page (The allowable range is 4-25)

4. Determine if an Athlete Display Block is shown. Many schools have athletes who have created a profile page. If this block is showing then your athletes' pages will be accessible from your site. The Athlete Display Block is always at the bottom right of the page and will contain thumbnail photos with the Athlete name underneath.

5. Determine if you want others to be allowed to make comments on your website content, such as articles, photos, videos. Typically, anyone that signs up and logs on can make comments.

6. Determine if you want the School Merchandise ad to show or not. This is a vendor sponsored section. You have a couple of options for this. Select which you prefer through the dropdown menu.

7. Determine if you would like Google news listings to be shown or not. One of the benefits of using an site is that we have created a tool that brings articles found in newspapers around the country directly to your site. The best part is that the articles are only those pertinent to your school or community. Before selecting whether to show these or not, take a look at some of the current articles showing on your site on the day you register.

8. Set up a Countdown Widget for your site. See the Countdown Widget Tutorial for extensive instructions.

9. Configure your External Site Integration. This section includes two editable fields: "Google Analytics Code" and "Twitter Username for Twitter Feed".
  • Google Analytics Code: You can now add your Google Analytics Code to your iHigh Site. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. To acquire a code, you would log into Google and apply for it. They will provide you with a UA number that looks like UA-xxxxxxx-1. All you do is enter your ID number and you can begin tracking the details. For more information about getting a Google Analytics Code please go to
  • Twitter Username for Twitter Feed: You can now add your Twitter postings to your iHigh site if you have a Twitter account for the school or team. Just add your Twitter account name in this field. Click on Save at the bottom of the page and a twitter module will show up on your home page's right column.

Manage Members Sub-Menu

As an Administrator, you have the ability to change the permission levels for other users. If you have other coaches or individuals that you determine should also have administrator privileges, this is where you can change them. For instance, you may have determined that you want strict control of the content on the site. So, you had set all new users to be Affiliates as your default. But, you have another coach who needs to upload videos and other content. From this section you can change the coach from an Affiliate to a Contributor or even an Administrator.

Traffic Reports Sub-Menu

From this sub-menu you will be able to monitor the daily traffic. This will show the number of visits (hits) to your site over the last 30 days. You will be able to see how the addition of new content will drive the number of visits higher and higher. Some schools average over 1000 visits a day to their site!!

Request Custom URL Sub-Menu

This will be an important first step for you as an administrator. Your default website URL will have a school number in the name. You can change this to something easier. For instance, if your school is Princeton High School and your team name is the Panthers, you may want to change the name to include Princeton Panthers. If the name is available, using this tool will create a new URL that would show This will be an easy name for fans, family, athletes and coaches to remember. You should go ahead and do this as soon as you can to lock in the name. If at any time you would need to change the URL, you would need to contact the support team.

Step 3 Customizing Your Site

Now that you have determined the Administration selections, named the school and created a unique URL for your school, you are ready to begin customizing your site. There are a number of spots on your Home Page that will allow you to Edit the look and feel of your site. Remember, to do any of this customization you MUST be logged in as an Administrator. You will want to click on the "News/Home" link in the menu on the left side of the site to access all of the options.

Editing your Banner & Skin

Perhaps one of the most important items on the site is the banner. It has your school name, the mascot name and the logo. As you visit other school sites you will see a variety of colors and logos. This is the section you can change these items. By clicking on the "Edit Banner & Skin" button you will have a number of choices. We have created a separate tutorial for this process. It is possibly the most complex piece on your site, but also the piece that makes your site unique. We have created a separate tutorial for this.

Editing your Ticker

The scrolling ticker allows you to put customized messages, notices, scores, schedules and announcements on your site. This can be changed at any time based on your needs. Just click on the "Edit Ticker" button, input the message(s) and then click save. In a second or two you will the new message scrolling across the top of your screen.

Editing Links

Yet another way to really make your site unique and interesting. This is where you can change the links that appear on the left. When you click on the "Edit Links" button, a new screen pops up. You will have a number of selection options.

1. Add a New Heading You can create new headings based on your needs. If you have a Journalism class and want to add a heading called "Journalism Class", this is where you can do this. You also have the ability to edit and/or move the current headings. By clicking on one of the headings in the Edit window, you will see that a "Make a Heading" window pops up and it contains the content of the Heading you clicked on. So, if you selected "SPORTS", you can now change it to "ACTIVITIES" or anything else. Or, you can also remove the heading altogether.

2. Add a New Link There are three different options in the Add New Link section.

  1. Link to a Section - Here you can add or remove sections. For instance, in the default links there is no Lacrosse section. But your school has a Lacrosse team and you want to add a section. This is where you do that. You can also click on one of the sections on the left and it will fill the box and allow you to remove it from your link panel.

  2. Add a Link Manually You may have a number of external links you would like to add to your site, such as the official school website, school district athletics sites or even a sports website. Just give it a Title and then enter the URL for that site. When you click "Update" the new link will appear at the bottom of the link panel on the left. You an then just place your mouse cursor over that link and then by clicking the LEFT button of the mouse, you can drag it up the link panel to the section you would like it to be located.

  3. Link to a Custom Page you have the ability to create custom pages. These could be schedules, rosters, booster club by-laws, or anything else. When you click on the "Create One" button, it opens a new page. Add a Title to the page, select your font and font size, add photos, charts or anything else. When you click "Save", a new URL is created for that page and will be added to your links panel. As above, just place the mouse cursor over it, left click and drag it up to the location you would like the custom page link to appear.

Once you have customized your links panel, click on the "Save Links" button and your new Links Panel will appear on the left side of your page. You can edit and update this at any time as an administrator.

Post a story

In this section you can add articles of any type. You can report on the previous night's volleyball game, the cross country race, the speech team results or the cheerleading competition. You can add photos and even create unique thumbnail photos.
  1. Publish to Section -> When you click on "Post a Story", you will be asked to select a Section that the story will be a part of. Select from the drop down menu. This will add the story to that section and will create a default thumbnail photo based on that section. So, if the section were Basketball, you would see a thumbnail of a Basketball photo.
  2. Show Author As an Administrator or Contributor, you can decide if you want your name to be shown as the author of the article.
  3. Title You will want to add a title that will create interest so that many will want to read the article.
  4. Optional Teaser This can be a brief overview of the content. You are limited to 250 characters.
  5. Content of article You can copy and paste content, add photos, create tables or anything else you would like to do.
  6. Changing the Thumbnail To change from the default thumbnail, you would select "Add Photos" under the Article Photos section on the right. You will need to have photos already uploaded. If you don't, you will have the option to create a new photo gallery. Once created, you can then select "Attach Gallery" and the selected main photo for that gallery (if there is more than one photo associated with the gallery) will be shown as the thumbnail instead of the default photo.
  7. Once completed, then click on the "Publish" button at the bottom of the screen and the article will be published to the site. It will show up both on the Home Page as well as on the page of the selected section.


You can add special feature articles or headline articles to this section. You can select to add them as Feature articles as well. They will only show up on the Home Page of your site.

Photo Galleries

One of the features of your site is the unlimited free space for your photos. In this section you can create photo galleries for all of the different activities and sports. These galleries can be edited, photos can be added and removed.
  1. Click on "Upload Photos"
  2. Select the section the photos will be associated with
  3. Give the Gallery a name, and an optional description
  4. You can then add a photo by browsing for the photo on your computer
    1. Once you have the photo, click upload
    2. Click on "Add Another" button at anytime and additional "Add Photo" blocks appear. You can browse for each additional photo.
    3. Click "Save" and all of the photos will be uploaded to the Gallery
    4. In addition, you can do a Bulk Upload of an entire folder or section from you computer. Click on the "Bulk Upload" button and a Java screen will appear. (Note: You must have Java installed on your computer for the Bulk Uploader to function. You can get a free download of the Java applet at
  5. Click on "Save" to complete the Bulk Upload.

Upload a video

Another great feature of your website is the unlimited capacity for video content. Following are the steps to upload a video.
  1. Click on "Upload a Video"
  2. Select section for "Showing Videos from"
  3. Click on "Upload a Video>>"
  4. Browse for your video and select the video to be uploaded. You may use the following types of video formats:
    1. .wmv
    2. .mov
    3. .avi
    4. .mpg
    5. .flv
    6. .m4v
    7. Many other formats
  5. For other video types, you may want to use the Prism Video Converter to convert your video format to a type acceptable for use with the Video Upload utility. There is a separate tutorial that details how to use the Prism application.
  6. Note that it could take as long as one hour per 80 MB of video for an upload depending the type of internet connection you are using.
  7. Once a video is uploaded, the software will create a thumbnail of the video. This is typically a screen capture from second 7 to second 10 of the video. Therefore, a video that is less than 7 seconds may not have a thumbnail and may appear as a black box in the video gallery as a result.

Step 4 - Your Website Tools

There are a number of tools that are available to user of an website. Some of these have been covered above already.
  1. Articles These have been covered above
  2. Schedules and Rosters You can create customized schedules and rosters using this tool. You may also import them in as HTML code using NVU. We have a separate tutorial available on how to do this.
  3. Photos This has been covered above
  4. Video Broadcasts With you may now do Live Streaming of video. We have two different tutorials available for this exciting feature.
  5. Video Clips This has been covered above
  6. Document Files Our site provides the ability to upload documents to your site for download by fans, athletes, parents, etc. These files can be documents, pdf files, excel files or other. We can also provide you a location to upload documents that you would not like available to the general public, but would like a link to. Contact your iHigh representative for more information concerning this.
  7. Polls/Surveys As an Site Administrator, you can create fun polls and surveys for your visitors to participate in. This function is straightforward and easy.
  8. Information Distribution This has been covered above and includes changing your banner and links
    1. Manage Ticker - Here you can edit the text that will appear in your site's horizontal scrolling Ticker Message.
    2. Manage Announcements - This is where you can create/edit your site's Right Column Announcements box. Unlike the Ticker Message field, which only accpets text, the Announcements box can accept an array of html code items, such as <br> or <p> tags, image tags (<img src="">), font color tags (<font color="red">), and links (<a href="">).
    3. Manage Mid Column Open Block - This is a section that we provide for you to have the ability to add sponsor advertisements, announcements or any other content you might deem appropriate for your site. We have a separate tutorial available for this function.
    4. Manage Right Column Open Block - Like the Mid Column Open Block, this is also a section that we provide for you to have the ability to add sponsor advertisements, announcements or any other content you might deem appropriate for your site. We have a separate tutorial available for this function.
  9. Overall Site Design This has been covered above and includes changing your banner and links
  10. Software Downloads provides some valuable tools to provide support and to make your site better.
    1. Technical Support This is a downloadable program that installs a small piece of software on your computer. The software, known as TeamViewer, allows an Technical Support staff member to log into your computer to provide assistance, but only with your permission. Each time you may need assistance, you would run the tool and it will create a unique identifier and password for that particular session. Once the session is closed, the access to your computer is no longer available until you run the tool and provide the next unique identifier and password to an Technical Support staff member.
    2. iHigh.TV Live Stream This is the software client that allows you to be able to do Live Streaming of your games and activities. You will also need a video camera with a firewire connection to a computer and you will also need a password. A separate registration is required to use this function. We also provide separate tutorials for this function.
    3. Mozilla Firefox This is an internet browser, much like Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome. It is a free download and is compatible for Windows and Mac. We find that site management of your website is best done using this internet browser.
    4. Print a Promotional Sign This tool provides you with the ability to create graphics that can be made into posters or even banners for use on your football fields or in your gyms or schools.

Step 5 Your Open Block

This is a section that we provide for you to have the ability to add sponsor advertisements, announcements or any other content you might deem appropriate for your site. We have a separate tutorial available for this function.

The exciting thing about this section is that your school or organization can solicit advertisements from sponsors and create links. Your school is able to keep 100% of the funds raised using this section.

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