How to use Prism Video Converter to create .wmv video files

Videos are quickly becoming the number one draw on the internet and the video capabilities of your website are no exception. They are by far the most popular item on your site. The following tutorial will assist you in converting your DVDs and non-.wmv file formats to .wmv files. The .wmv format is most compatible with our video uploads and is also the only format acceptable for uploading archival videos to the LiveStreaming section of your site. Separate tutorials are available for the LiveStreaming uploads.

Step by Step Process

  1. Download and install software
  2. Convert DVD video to .wmv
  3. Convert other video format to .wmv

Step 1 – Downloading Prism Video Converter

Prism Video Converter is a shareware software program available on the internet. You can find this software at:

This software does have versions for both Windows and Mac. This is especially handy for Mac users since .wmv video format is not currently compatible for use with a Mac. Having the ability to convert and then upload makes it easier for you to get your videos up to your site.

After downloading the software, install it to your computer and you are ready to go! After a 30 day period you may be required to purchase a license.

Step 2 – Converting a DVD video to .wmv

Many organizations have video saved to DVD for distribution to athletes, coaches, parents, etc. However, the content of a DVD cannot be uploaded to the internet without going through a conversion process. Prism provides this process. Once installed, you should have an icon on your desktop as shown below. Click on the icon to open the program.

Step 3 – User Interface

After opening the software you will see a User Interface as shown below. The key buttons for you will be:

Step 4 – Adding a DVD to be converted

Insert DVD into your computer. Select Add DVD.

Step 5 – Select the graphics to upload

The software will open a browser. Browse to the DVD and select the “Video_TS” folder. This is where the video files are stored on a DVD.

Step 6 – Verify the chapter(s) on the DVD

You may see that there are more than one chapter of items to be converted. They will all appear in the window and will all have a .VOB as the file name.

Step 7 – Select Edit Output

Step 8 – Resize the video

You may want to resize the video to 640 Width and 480 Height

Step 9 – Select the Chapter(s) to be converted

Highlight the Chapter(s) you would like to convert. Then select “Convert” to begin process.

Make sure to select a location for the Output and also make sure the Output format is .wmv

Step 10 – Conversion process begins

When conversion begins a window will popup providing you the status. A full DVD may take up to 2 hours to convert.

Step 11– Completing the project

Once the project is completed, a green checkmark appears next to the converted item.

Step 12– Converting files to .wmv

There are many different file types for movies. The most common are .mov, .mpg, .avi, .wmv and .mod. All of these types can be converted using the same process. Instead of selecting DVD, you will select Add Files.

Step 13– Completing the project

After selecting the files, the conversion process is the same. Your completed project will look similar to the screen shot below.

Step 14– Upload file(s) to your site

You are now ready to upload your files to your site. Log in and either use the Video Uploader from the main page or login to your LiveStreaming section and upload an archived video to your Live Broadcast site. Check with your representative for tutorials and login information on these processes or send an email to for more information.

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