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How to use NVU to create HTML source code for your site

Typical users rely on Excel spreadsheets or Word documents to create rosters, schedules and other charts. Many of these formatted materials lose their formatting when copied directly over to our Article or Schedule & Roster creation tools. Therefore, we recommend a free software tool called NVU, which is a Web Authoring tool, but is also a perfect solution to creating source code so that your Excel and Word charts will look good on your website. The following tutorial provides a Step by Step process on how to use this software.

Step by Step Process

  1. Download and install free software
  2. Copy and paste content into NVU
  3. Convert to HTML Source Code
  4. Copy and paste HTML Source Code into your website

Step 1 – Downloading NVU Software

NVU Web Authoring software is a free program available on the internet. You can find this software at:

This software has versions for both Windows and Mac.

After downloading the software, install it to your computer and open the software. You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Step 2 – Copying your chart

After opening NVU, open your Excel or Word document. Select the entire content that you would like to have showing on your website.

After selecting the content, right click on your mouse from within the document and then select “Copy”

Step 3 – Pasting content into NVU

Return to your NVU screen and right click in the window and select “Paste”

Your content should now appear on NVU screen

Step 4 – Create HTML Source Code

At the bottom of the NVU screen, select the “Source” tab (You will see “Edit HTML source” pop up)

Step 5 – Select All of the HTML source

You should now see a page with numbered lines of code. Go to the menu above, select Edit then Select All

Step 6 – All HTML Source is highlighted

After selecting all you will notice that all of the content is highlighted.

Step 7 – Copying the HTML Source Code

Right click your mouse somewhere in the screen and then select “Copy”

Step 8 – Creating a Roster page

Return to your website and make sure you are logged in as an Administrator. Go to “Your Website Tools” and select “Create” under Schedules & Rosters.

Step 9 – Completing the project

An “Edit Open Content” screen will appear within your webpage.

Step 10 – Add HTML Source Code

From within your Edit Open Content screen, locate the HTML button and click on it.

Step 11 Open the HTML Source Editor

After clicking the HTML Button, the HTML Source Editor screen will appear.

Step 12 – Pasting content to HTML Source Editor

Right click anywhere in the screen and then select “Paste” from the drop down menu.

You will see all of the HTML source code appear in the screen. After that, select “Update”

Step 13 – Select location for content

You should now see your formatted content Edit Open Content screen. Select the section to publish in from the Dropdown menu.

Step 14– Create content title

In the Title window, enter your content title and then click on the “Save” button.

Step 15– Verify finished product

You should now be able to see the content on your site all formatted as you would like it.

You should also see a link to the content in the “Schedule and Rosters” portion of the section you had selected.