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Monetizing your iHigh Site:

Revenue Quick Start Guide

Did you know that your iHigh website offers you several ways to help earn money for your school/group?



AdScore is iHigh's cutting edge way to help you generate revenue from your high-traffic iHigh website. AdScore is a new technology from iHigh that will allow you to sell your own ads or let advertisers buy directly from the website with instant credit card authorization. To learn more, check out the AdScore Tutorial here, or call iHigh Customer Support at or by calling 859-514-3886.

Local Ads on broadcasts:

Another way to generate revenue is by selling your own commercials into your iHigh broadcasts – you get to keep 100% of the revenue!  Thanks to iHigh’s groundbreaking Broadcast Truck software, your local commercials will be integrated with iHigh’s national sales inventory – giving you one out of every two spots played.  Please note, you must play two iHigh ads for every local ad.

Photo and Video Downloads:

The videos and broadcasts on your iHigh website provide yet another way to bring in revenue.  Many of your fans will want to save those memories forever, and they can – thanks to iHigh’s photo and video download sales.  Your school/organization keeps 50% of all photo/video download sales!


Online Forms:

The iHigh tech team recently introduced our new Online Forms feature. You can now quickly and easily build online forms, including credit card payment, directly through your iHigh website! For an example, see this form that St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) is using to sell sponsorship packages.  iHigh can accept secure credit card payment through your form, and will send you a check after the transaction is processed. There will be an 8% service charge on all purchases, so you should set your prices with that in mind.


If you have any questions, please contact iHigh Tech Support

at or call 859-514-3886.