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January 31, 2013
iHigh 101

Question: How can I put one of my photos with an article instead of the iHigh graphic?

Answer: First, you need to create a photo gallery and make sure that it is in the same section as the one you selected for the article (such as Football, Softball, etc.). After the gallery is created, choose the photo you want for the cover and save the gallery. Next, go to the article, click Edit and then on the upper right, select "Attach Gallery". Choose the gallery you want, then hit publish. Your photo should then be a thumbnail instead of an iHigh logo.

Question: Why does an applet need to be installed in order to use the Bulk Uploader for photos?

Answer: The bulk uploader uses a Java applet, which is common across most photo upload programs including SmugMug, Fotki, etc. You will need to download Java in order to do the bulk upload. It is a free application and will not cause any issues on your computer. You can get this at http://www.java.com/ .

Question: When I upload my pictures they are not showing up like on my computer. They are showing up sideways. What do I need to do different?

Answer: In order to rotate your images, you will need to do so in the Bulk Uploader before the photos are uploaded. Once they are added to the upload list, you will need to single-click on a photo and then click on the little "paintbrush" edit button in the lower-right corner of the image. You will then have Rotate buttons and can save the changes. Sometimes images that are shot in Portrait mode look correct, but when they are uploaded they seem to get turned. This happens for users of Aperture. If you are having this problem with Aperture, make sure you physically rotate them, as stated above, even when they "look" correct. By doing this, it will save the rotation information that gets lost in the upload otherwise, and display correctly on the website.

Question: Are there any restrictions on photo size?

Answer: The photo galleries don't have limits in terms of sizing. We actually save full resolution versions to our servers for photo-purchasing, but photos are also converted for web display. In the Middle Open Content block, photos should be 520 pixels wide - height is unlimited. The dpi will only be displayed at 72, since that is what screen resolutions are.

Question: Can I disable the photo purchasing option on my website?

Answer: Absolutely. Just look for the "Photo Purchasing Default" option in your School Settings menu and select "Disabled".

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