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Site Administration Questions

January 31, 2013
iHigh 101

Question: How can I sign up other people to use the site?

Answer: Each individual will need to go to the site and register to use the site.

Can I change someone's user level to become administrator?

Answer: Yes. You would go to Manage Members and change their level.

Question: How do I edit my left links bar?

Answer: There are two ways to edit the links bar. You can click on the Edit Links just to the right of the Contents header or you can select "Change section linkbar" from the Overall Site Design section of Your Website Tools.

Question: Why is my Google Analytics code not working?

Answer: Most likely, you did not enter the code in correctly. When you get the code from Google Analytics, simply use the ID# which looks something like this: UA-xxxxxxxx-1

Question: How can tagging be blocked?

Answer: You are not able to eliminate tagging, but you do have the ability as an administrator to untag anything you don't like. Just open up the complete directory of videos, broadcasts, articles or photos and look for the tags. You should see an (untag) which, if clicked on, will untag that item from your site.

What are those little question marks next to some administrator functions?

Answer: We have implemented the iHigh.com Help System across the entire publishing environment. We have started with the School Settings page and will continue adding additional help content until all administrative functions have been covered. The benefit of the Help System is that it puts additional information right where you need it. Simply click on one of the question marks and you will get a popup window explaining the process in question.

Question: How can I embed a YouTube video on a page?

Answer: To embed a YouTube video on a site, your site first needs to be Java-enabled. You will need to request this by contacting us at help@ihigh.com. Once the site has been java-enabled, you can then go to the Open Block in the middle section and click on the HTML button to drop in the embed code. You may have to also change the size of the video to more closely correspond with the size of your content block. We can assist you with this as well. YouTube or any other content must be high school focused and preferably related to the specific school.

How do I change the colors in my link bar from a pastel color to a gray or black color?

Answer: Under "Your Website Tools" select "Change site header, colors and skin". Underneath the color boxes is a drop down selector box with other choices. Select the color you prefer and then click on "Save Site Design" at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Question: How do I use the Countdown ticker?

Answer: Go to School Settings and scroll down to Countdown Widget. In the text put the name of the countdown (such as "first kickoff for football"). For time put the time the event starts (such as 05/01/2010 17:30) and for URL put in the URL for your school site, event, or broadcast.

Question: Why can I add pictures, videos, and schedules but can not make changes to the look of the site?

Most likely you have contributor status but not administrator status on the site. You would need to contact the administrator of the site for admin status or you may contact Support via email at help@ihigh.com to request administrator status in the event there is not an administrator on the site.

Question: How can I move something from document to a section I created?

Answer: You don't actually move a document. Rather, you click on the document link and then right click on the "Open this document link" and save the link (or copy shortcut). Then, go to Edit Links, select Add New Link. In the Create Link Manually section, put in the title of the link. In the URL section paste the link (or shortcut). Move the link under the section you want it in and then save links.

Can iHigh give me click-thru numbers for my school's sponsor ads?

iHigh.com does not provide any click-thru data on sponsor ads placed in our Open Content block areas. We can make the site Java-enabled allowing the ability to add analytics tracking code within the Open Block, but most likely that will only provide data on actual hits to the page, and not click-thrus. Ads on an iHigh site are not converted to HTML, they remain a clickable JPEG (if the site admin codes them that way).  There are a number of local State Farm agents that provide advertising to school sites.  In these cases, there is a logo and a clickable link to their respective websites.

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