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Broadcast Checklist

May 21, 2012
By Julianne Kravetz of iHigh 101

Using Production Tuck Software

1.     Schedule Broadcast on ibn.ihigh.com

a.     Make sure to select audio or video broadcast and bitrate for broadcast.

                                                              i.      If Test Broadcast is selected, the broadcast will not show up on your iHigh page and will only be viewable on your IBN page.

b.     You can check bitrate by doing a speedtest (speedtest.net)

c.      Make sure to put both a title and description for the broadcast.

d.     Set your start date and time and select Insert.


2.     Set up equipment

a.     Make sure that camera is turned on and connected via firewire or dazzle

b.     Turn on audio mixer and connect microphone

c.      Connect the audio mixing board to the computer using the microphone jack.


3.     Open Production Truck software on your computer

a.     Log in using your Broadcasting username and password

b.     Select the broadcast that you have created on the dropdown menu

c.      Select your audio and video together and Add Device.

                                                              i.      Repeat for multiple cameras

d.     After adding all your devices, Apply to move forward


4.     Prior to starting the broadcast, make sure to select your option of Broadcast, Save to Local, or both.


5.     To start stream, click the Off button which will switch to a flashing On.

a.     Once you are live, you can change and adjust the graphics to suit your individual needs.

                                                              i.      There are 6 different graphics that you can choose to place on your screen: Score board, Logo, Bottom Third (no title), Bottom Third (with title), Introduction, and Custom Overlay

                                                            ii.      Scoreboard can be adjusted under the Overlay tab.

                                                          iii.      The logo option is an image that you load into the software and is placed in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

                                                         iv.      The bottom third is adjusted under the Overlay tab. With a title, use both the Title box and the Content box. Without a title, use only the Content box.

                                                           v.      The Introduction can be adjusted in the Intro tab. This will allow for you to add logos with the team name. The introduction will cover the majority of the screen, when in use.

                                                         vi.      The Custom Overlay allows for you to insert an image that will cover up to the entire screen. To insert your image, select the Browse link next to the Custom Overlay option on the Display tab.

b.     When using multiple cameras, you can change by clicking on the preview (small) screen.

c.      If running ads, the Ad Trigger will allow for you to select the time in which you would like the ad to be.

                                                              i.      If you want to run a local ad, the Ad Trigger must be used twice before the option of a Local Ad will be available.


6.     When finished, click on the On button to turn it Off. Once the icon has changed back to off, you can then Exit out of the program and disconnect your equipment. Your completed broadcast will be archived on your iHigh page.

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