iHigh.TV Live Video Streaming

Tutorial #1: Simple Steps to do a live streaming broadcast event

Tutorial #2: iHigh.TV Video FAQ: Frequent Problems and Solutions

Tutorial #3: What kind of equipment will I need?

Tutorial #4: Notes for school IT Administrators

iHigh.TV Tutorial #1: Simple Steps to do a Live Streaming Broadcast event

Broadcasting on iHigh.TV is an exciting process that will energize your program and create an invaluable service for the participating athletes. You may have some anxiety about setting up the program online. Rest assured, you can do this if you include some planning. Follow these steps to make sure your broadcast goes off as smoothly as possible. Like most things computer-based, you will likely encounter a number of obstacles in the beginning, but we assure you they can be overcome.

Step-by-step directions for Live Streaming Broadcast using iHigh.TV LiveStreaming Software

  • Download the software to the computer you plan to use. The LiveStreaming software is available at

  • Refer to our Live Broadcast tutorial for more information on the initial setup

  • Make sure you have the following equipment beforehand:
    1. Video camera (preferably one with a Firewire connection)
    2. Laptop with internet connection (either broadband with LAN or WiFi or via an AirCard, which can be acquired through your mobile provider). If working with a school, try to get permission to use their internet services, including a password.
    3. Firewire cable
    4. Recording media (DVR cassette, recordable mini-DVD or recordable DVD depending on the requirements of your video camera)
    5. Multimedia headsets (if planning to do audio play by play) and connection cables, connectors, etc., to be connected to the laptop
    6. Long extension cord (typically the 100’ orange cable is best)
    7. Surge protector

  • Before attempting to go live, it is always best to contact iHigh Technical Support a few days in advance in order to test the equipment you have. There may be instances where Tech Support will advise you of other equipment needs depending on what you have.

    Typically, if your video camera records on a mini-DVD or DVD, you WILL NOT have a firewire connection from your video camera. You may need to acquire an additional connection device called a Sima-Vivo Video Kit. These are available only at B&H Photo for $79.95.

    This device will allow you to connect from your camera to the laptop and live stream even if you do not have a firewire connection

  • Testing beforehand also enables you to work out any other kinks you may experience

  • Make sure you have an iHigh.TV streaming account set up. This can be done by emailing or calling Technical Support at 859-514-3886.


  • Prepare all of the necessary equipment (see above)
  • Try to arrive a couple of hours early
    1. Stake out a location
    2. Check your internet connectivity
    3. Do a Live Test and have someone (either a friend or Tech Support) check to verify you are actually streaming live. Do this by creating a new broadcast and call it Test.
    4. If doing play by play, also make sure to do an audio check
  • After doing your test, make sure to log into and HIDE your test broadcast
  • Start your broadcast a few minutes before the event starts to make sure you are online for the beginning of the event.
  • You should try to monitor the broadcast minute by minute to make sure you stay connected.
  • If you lose connectivity, the software will attempt to reconnect, so don’t panic.
  • Set up the Live Broadcast in advance so it shows on the National, State and School sites in advance. This becomes advertising for the event. Follow the Tutorial instructions.


Please refer all technical questions to Technical support, email at or call 855-812-2740

Problem: I don't know what kind of equipment I need.
Solution: Streaming via iHigh.TV can be done using most common home video cameras and a standard laptop computer. Most operating systems will work including Windows 7, XP, and Vista 32 bit. Vista 64 bit can cause problems, although some broadcasters have had acceptable luck. iHigh.TV video streams can be viewed on Mac and streamed from a Mac if you use Boot Camp software and install one of the above versions of Windows on the new partition. Tech Support can provide guidance on this process.

Problem: How do I set up the broadcast on the website?
Solution: iHigh provides step-by-step instructions for the setup of your iHigh page and the LiveStream software through the "iHigh.TV LiveStream Guide" PDF or online if you prefer at:

Problem: I can't get through the system to stream. I am getting errors.
Solution: Some school systems put restrictions on what kind of connections you may have in the school and they may block live video streaming. Talk to your IT administrator and show Tutorial #3 which lists what IT admins will want to know to successfully allow iHigh.TV streaming. You may also try a wireless cell card which can often be reliable but doesn’t always provide enough bandwidth for video (at least 200kbps). Click the "speed test" link on the iHigh. com Website Tools menu (or here: to see if you have the required speed. Since the speed will vary from time to time, set your broadcast to have at least 50% headroom on available bandwidth (if you show 300kbps, set your broadcast to 200kbps, if you have at least 750kbps, use 500kbps etc.).

Problem: Users say they see "buffering" with the video choppy or starting and stopping
Solution: This is almost always a lack of bandwidth at your location or at the user's location. If you have more than one user saying they see buffering, you'll know the problem is at your location (which is usually the case). See the above fixes. If you can't get enough bandwidth, your best alternative is drop down and use only audio or record the event and upload when you get to a location with good connectivity.

Problem: I don't want to do the event live, only delayed
Solution: You won't get the same size audience, but if you need to hide the event, simply check "hidden" in the LiveStream tools then stream as you would a live event. You can un-check the "hidden" button at any time and the event will then appear on your website. You may check the event while it is hidden by using the link inside the LiveStream tools by logging into -- just click on the event.

Problem: I can't connect to the Internet. How do I record and upload later?
Solution: You can record any event and upload it later if you wish. iHigh provides instructions through a PDF and online at:

Problem: I want the event live, but I don't want it archived for later viewing
Solution: You can "hide" the event at any time by checking "Hide" in the LiveStream schedule tools. Broadcast the event live, then check "hide", it will be removed from any of the sites. You can un-check "hide" at a later date if you wish and the event will reappear.

Problem: I only want select individuals to see the event. How can I show them if it is hidden?
Solution: Once you have “hidden” the event, as the administrator of the event you can send a weblink to anyone you wish to be able to view it. Go into your LiveStream account at and login. Find the event. Then, with the mouse under the event name the event shows as underlined. Right click, select Copy Link Address (or something similar) and then send that link in an email to anyone you would like to see the event. It remains hidden from the rest of the world unless you choose to unhide by un-checking “hide”.

Problem: I can't get anyone to help
Solution: There are almost always people in the team's circle who would like to contribute to the team's success and to help promote the program. Once a crew gets started using iHigh.TV streaming video, the anxiety goes away, they receive the deserved accolades and they will not want to stop. The most common places to find help are media teachers, media students, other teachers, parents, athletic trainers, assistant coaches, parents and other boosters. Send an email out to the group announcing your desire to bring the team to the world on You can also post a flyer or ask your iHigh rep to come in to do an event so you can show your community how great this can be. Talk to your iHigh rep about other ideas.

Problem: There's something on the event video I don't want people to see or hear.
Solution: You can "hide" the event at any time by checking "Hide" in the LiveStream schedule tools. If you want the event edited, you'll need to contact to make the request. This is typically handled within 4 to 5 hours of the request.

iHigh.TV Tutorial #3: Equipment needed for iHigh.TV Video Streaming

Bare Essentials: The basic items needed to do a live video streaming broadcast on iHigh.TV.

Video Camera with a FireWire port (also may be called a DV Out port) (see appendix for recommended cameras)

Laptop/PC using Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (see appendix for recommended equipment)
  • At least ONE IEEE 1394 FireWire Port (either 4 PIN or 6 PIN)
  • IEEE 1394 Ports (Also known as FireWire, Apple Computer's trademarked name for IEEE 1394.) High-speed connection that supports data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps or 800 Mbps (depending on port version). If the laptop/PC does not have a FireWire port, we recommend you purchase a FireWire Card to insert into the PCMCIA slot
  • An Internal Wireless Network Card (Preferably Wireless B+G) for WiFi connection
  • System Memory (RAM) of at least 2 GB
  • Hard Drive of 320GB or better (especially if you want to also record an event direct to Hard Drive)
  • A DVD Optical Drive

FireWire Cable
  • Must be compatible with the Laptop/PC FireWire port and the camera. Most video cameras will have a Four Pin connector. Some laptops may have a four pin or a six pin connector. Make sure your cable has the correct connectors on each side.

Other Basic Equipment
  • Extension cord
  • Surge Protector
  • Tripod

Essentials for providing live play-by-play audio broadcasts with the video stream

The basic items needed to provide additional audio to do play-by-play

Multimedia Headset (32 ohms impedance)
Best to have an 8-foot shielded cord with two gold-plated 1/8” plugs (one for headset, one for microphone)
If there will be play-by-play and a second color commentator, you will need two headsets
If using two headsets, you may need to also purchase two shielded audio Y-Cables with a 1/8” Stereo Male to Dual 1/8” Stereo Female plugs See appendix for recommended equipment

Professional Options
If you prefer to make your iHigh.TV LiveStreaming Broadcasts more professional, you can utilize equipment that can bring a higher quality to the broadcasts, including high-end video cameras, multi-camera use through a switchbox, audio mixers, broadcast headsets, etc. Please see the appendix below for recommended equipment.



Sony Vaio CS – starting at $749
Dell Vostro 1520 – starting at $549
Dell Studio 15 – starting at $619
HP DV6Z Series – starting at $599

Video Cameras

Low end, affordable with Firewire/iLink Ports

DCR-HC52 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder – starting at $220
Panasonic PV-GS90 Mini DV Camcorder – starting at $200
JVC GR-D870 MiniDV Camcorder – starting at $200
Canon ZR960 MiniDV Camcorder – starting at $250

High end, High Definition with Firewire/iLink Ports

Canon VIXIA HV40 High Definition Camcorder – starting at $749
Sony HDR-HC9 MiniDV High Definition Handycam Camcorder – starting at $1099
Sony HDR-FX7 3CMOS HDV 1080i Camcorder – starting at $2000

*PLEASE NOTE: If using a High Definition Video Camera, you will need to set the video to Standard Definition (or sometimes also referred to as DV) in order to Live Stream. We currently do not support High Definition video streaming.

Audio Headsets

Low end
Lightweight Stereo Multimedia Headset from Radio Shack (Part 33-1187) - $19.99
8 ft (2.44 m) soft cable w/ 1/8” (3.5mm) gold plated plug (x2)
Input = 1x phone 1/8” (headphone plug)
Output = 1x phone 1/8” (microphone plug)

Plantronics - Audio 355 Multimedia Stereo Headset (Model 79730-01) - $31.99
6.5 ft soft cable w/ 1/8” (3.5mm) dual analog plugs

High end
Sennheiser – HMD 280 pro or HMD 281 pro headset - Includes noise-reducing super cardioids boom microphone. Coiled cable from 3 ft to 9 ft.    Cables/Adapters

Firewire/iLink Cables
6 ft IEEE 1394 4 pin to 4 pin Firewire Cable (if computer Firewire jack is 4 pin)
6 ft IEEE 1394 4 pin to 6 pin Firewire Cable (if computer Firewire jack is 6 pin)
Longer cable if needed
Audio Y-Cable (if using two headsets for play by play)
4” (10.1cm) Audio Y-cable (1/8” stereo male to dual 1/8” stereo female)

Professional Mixers
Mackie 402-VLZ3 (List price $99.95)
Behringer Microamp AH-400 (List price $29.95)

iHigh.TV Tutorial #4: Notes for School IT Network Administrators

iHigh.TV streams video at 200 to 500kbps using our LiveStream software and Windows Media Encoder. Please check the following notes to make sure the computer at the event can "see" the iHigh.TV streaming server:

Please White List the following sites:

If the school/district is using a Proxy Server, please add the following sites to the No Cache list:

For schools/districts desiring to utilize our free Live Streaming service, please note the following information:
  • We stream Windows Media using http over port 80

  • These are the URLs/IPs that we might utilize outbound for Live Streaming purposes:

  • We will need TCP ports 135, 1755, 80, and 7007 (in and out) open. For DCOM to work appropriately, we need full UDP access

Please refer all technical questions to the iHigh Technical support email or call 859-514-3886

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