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Katy Holds Off a Fiesty Cy-Woods Team 44-30 to Advance to the Regional Semifinals

November 26, 2011
By Doug Johnson of The Grind

Katy Holds off a Fiesty Cy-Woods team 44 to 30 to Advance to the Regional Semifinals

Before we get into the Area Final game vs Cy-Woods, I need to briefly re-cap the Bi-District match up between Katy and Madison, since I didn’t do a story last week about this game. This will help you understand the intensity of second round against Cy-Woods.

In the first round of playoffs, Katy ran through Madison like a hot knife through butter in a decisive 63-7 win at Butler Stadium on November 11, 2011. It was a nerve racking week leading up to the Madison game as most knew little about Madison 6-5(4-3).  They had a scrappy little quarterback, large offensive line and 6’4” safety who was rumored to have mad speed. Well, a 5’9” 150 lb wide receiver single handedly made this dream safety fly into his own teammates on a crack back block in the Tigers first offensive possession. This safety was rendered somewhat useless after Thompson trucked him into next week on this play and again on a run play when the two went man to man and Thompson lowered his shoulder and leveled number 21 again.

The Tiger defense contained Madison’s sneaky little quarterback Everrett Anderson, and had the offensive line huffing and puffing by the end of the second quarter. Their only score came late in the game with 8:05 left in the fourth quarter. Basically, Katy steam rolled Madison with Tiger quarterback Brooks Haack leading the way. Katy had 498 yards of total offense and held Madison to a season low 140. Freshman running back Rodney Anderson took on most of the load with four rushing touchdowns and 91 yards, while fullbacks Alan Grazaffi and Alex Fisher had a touchdown each as did JV move up A.J. Henry. Wide receivers Jordan Thompson and Kyle Fulks both had receiving touchdowns.

Basically, Katy rolled through Madison like it did all of its district and non district games before entering the playoffs. After the Madison game Katy had only allowed 5.2 points in 11 games; outscoring the other teams 503 to 58.  

Katy knew the second round match up against Woods would be a tough game “This will be the best offense we have seen all year” Said Coach Gary Joseph, “We’re going to have to have some people stand up.”

Cy-Woods showed up to the Berry Center looking forward to proving their merit.  They felt they could shut down the Mighty Red Machine that is Katy Football. Woods has been to the Area Finals every year since the school opened four years ago, and made it as far as the State Semifinals last year. This game sold out early leaving people standing at the north fence trying to get a glimpse of the biggest game of season in the Houston area.

With all the seats full on both sides and just about every television and media outlet in the house, Katy took the first kick-off and marched down field like clockwork, employing freshman running back Rodney Anderson, who had 215 yards rushing on the night, to get the team into scoring range where Senior quarterback tossed a bullet to “play maker” Jordan Thompson, who was eight yards deep in the endzone.

This is when things got a little crazy. This year the U.I.L. added a new rule saying that a defensive player can not “hurdle” or jump over another player trying to block an extra point or field goal. I guess they forgot to tell the  referees  assigned to this game because it was not flagged except once the entire game. On Katy’s first extra point attempt the coaches sent out senior kicker Jeff Johnson who has not missed a PAT all season. When Johnson connected with the ball here comes a couple of Cy-Woods players flying over Matt Dimon who was stretched out in his position on the end of the offensive line. One of the hurdlers got a hand on the ball which was picked up by a Cy-Woods defender and hauled it to his own end zone for a safety and two points on the board. The player who picked the ball up after the blocked kick turned out to be the dirtiest player of the game; throwing punches in the pile and ripping helmets off players but never seemed to get flagged by the referees. That being said I must tell you that the U.I.L. also added a rule saying that a player is not allowed to dive into the endzone forward tumbling or flipping unless said player is attempting to avoid an oncoming tackle. The refs didn’t call this penalty either as number 21 was headed for the score with the closest Katy player at least five yards behind him.  He forward flipped over the goal line with out a penalty.

With the score 6-2 Katy kicked to Woods who scored on a pass from quarterback Gabriel West to Jeff Bogans for 81 yards with just 8:23 left in the first quarter. This left the score 9-6 as Woods now kicked off to Katy for the second time this game.

Katy put Anderson back to work after a reverse from Thompson to Kyle Fulks for about 12 yards. Anderson got down to scoring range but fell short after his and fullback Alex Fisher’s helmets were ripped off intentionally while trying to score. Again this nasty play was not fouled along with many other obvious cheap shots by the most hated team in 21-5A. Haack was forced to punch this ball into the endzone in a trusted wedge formation. Johnson added the PAT for a 13-9 lead with 3:57 left in the first half.

Just when you thought the game would settle down after the bad calls and dirty plays, this post season match up gets so intense you feel the energy oozing out of every side of the stadium. Katy gets the ball back and begins its work on the ground with junior running back Ricky Bickham and fullback Alex fisher. Bickham was moving the ball nicely and pushing for extra yards on every rush when a Cy-Woods defender strips the ball out of his arms. Jamaul Tompkins picked up the fumble and raced for an 81-yard touchdown. Gus Rabadan put up the PAT with 11:38 left in the 2nd and Woods had their second and last lead of the game at 16 to 13.

Now let me get back to the strange part. Senior deffensive tackle for Katy busted through the line as he had been most of the first quarter and this time blocked the first attempt at a PAT. The ball fluttered and fell into the arms of senior team captain Brandon Ebrecht. Ebrecht saw an opening on the right side of the field so for the second time in this game a blocked PAT was returned for a safety. This safety was called back when the ref claimed Katy roughed the kicker who was never even touched and that the ball was never touched by a Katy player but the video clearly shows Jake Grode getting his big paws on the ball as it went over his 6’5” 250 lb frame and changed trajectory heading up instead of south towards the uprights.

The dirty play by a desparate Woods team didn’t stop there. The Tigers got the ball back and re-installed the freshman Anderson.  On the first play he was forced out of bounds and driven about 12 yards deep through the Cy-Woods players standing in the players box. This was called for unsportsmanlike conduct but the conduct didn’t improve much. Haack then connected with Fisher on a busted  play for a ten yard reception. Anderson then blasted passed all the Woods defenders determined to score- and he did- from 12 yards out with 10:29 in the second. Johnson nailed the PATeven as Woods players continued to hurdle linemen.   20 to 16 Katy.

Woods took the Katy kick off and was covered quickly leaving them on their own 23. Two plays later Ebrecht intercepted a pass intended for Sam Stewart giving the ball back to Katy on the 33 of Cy-Woods. Just two plays later, Haack hit Stein Spiller in the end zone for a 10 yard touchdown.  Johnson added the PAT stretching the lead to 27-16 with 7:18 left in the half.

Katy once again covered the Johnson kick off well and after just four plays forced Woods to punt, giving the ball back to Katy on their own 22.  After a couple of runs by Anderson and a short pass to Thompson, Haack was in place to hit Fulks for a 45 yard touchdown pass with just 3:01 left in the half. Johnson hit another PAT increasing the Katy lead to 34-16 going into halftime.

Coming out of the locker rooms the Wildcats seemed to have a new focus and renewed spirit as they moved the ball down the field on a methodical 13 play drive. Woods went 79 yards to the end zone with the final play being a pass from West to Gary Tesch for 15-yard touchdown. The Woods PAT by Gus Rabadan was good with 07:41left in the 3rd. The score now 22-34.

Katy responded by putting the ball in the hands of Thompson and Anderson, the dynamic duo of the Katy offense. The drive ran out of downs so Johnson came out and booted a 23 yard field goal making the score 37 to 22 with 5:32 left in the third.

Katy forced Woods to punt after going three and out. Katy then marched down the field 78 yards for their final score of the game on a 23 yard rush by Anderson with 9:47 left in the fourth. Woods had another score later in the fourth but the Tiger defense kept them from gaining the momentum to come back and win the game. The final score was 44 to 30 after the late score by Jeff Bogans.

Katy moves on to play Laporte at Tully Stadium on Saturday at 6:00 PM in the Division Semifinals.

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