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Katy pulls of decisive win over Cibilo Steele 45-33 and moves on to state title game

December 23, 2012
By Doug Johnson of The Grind


As I sit here in my post game euphoria after personally witnessing one of the best high school football games in Texas 5A football history, I can't help but compare this Katy Tiger team to the team that is on my television screen, the Houston Texans. If you follow my coverage of the Katy Tigers you may remember that I took literary license a few weeks ago and pondered whether this 2012 Tiger team was anything like the 1995 Nebraska Corn Husker team that dominated all of college football that year.

I am going to take the same literary license in this story so bear with me and you will see where I am going with this and then I will get on with my game coverage. The first similarity I want to point out is that both teams are successful thanks to their amazing defensive play this season and that the designer of these two defensive schemes are both well known for their strong defenses. Gary Joseph and Wade Philips also learned every thing from their coaching fathers. (Continued below)

Speaking of defensive play, the Tigers have their own version of J.J. Watts( Texans DE) in Matt Dimon who is undoubtedly one of the best high school defensive ends in the state of Texas this year and will play football at Oklahoma next year. Dimon is a 6'3" 240 lb man among boys on the football field who can knock a pass down out of the air and turn it into an interception and then stiff arm his way to the end zone.

Another strong comparison between the Texans and the Tigers is their running game. Both teams have strong running games and use them well. The Texans star running back is Arian Foster who is one the best running backs in the NFL and the Tigers have Adam Taylor who is one of the best running backs in the United States for the class of 2013.

Both teams play hard nosed in the trenches grinding tough football and will pound the ball down your throat and then throw something different at you like a trick play or a pass to their talented tight ends.

The Texans have the best receiver in the NFL and maybe one of the best that ever played the game. Katy has Kyle Fulks who is one of the fastest receivers in the state and also one of the fastest in the 100m dash going 10.4 last year.

Enough about the Texans I know you want to hear about the Cibolo Steele game that was played last Saturday at Floyde Casey Stadium in Waco. This was one of the most talked about highly expected match-ups of the season. Steele has been to the state final game the last two years and came into the game expecting to make it past Katy and in the "Big Show" for the third straight year.

Katy had other plans seeing as they missed the "Big Show" the last two years and started off the game dominating Steele just like they had done just about every school they faced this year.

The first half was dominated by an Adam Taylor rushing touchdown, a Rodney Anderson touchdown reception and DE Matt Dimon's best J.J. Watt impersonation when he batted a pass out of the air then looked to the sky and a caught his own tip and stiff armed his way into the end zone for the third score of the first half. Manny Mendoza nailed all three PAT's leaving the score 21-0 with 11:51 left in the first half.

Cibolo countered with three of their own unanswered scores tying the game with just 1:28 left in the half. Steele's first three scores came by way of a Breylann McCollum 1-yard run, a Jordan Sterns 29-yard run and a L.G. Williams 9-yard pass from Breylann McCollum. Moses Gonzalez was money making all three of his PAT's leaving the score 21-21 and a stunned Katy nation going into halftime.

The second half of the game was like a heavy weight 12 round title match with Taylor landing body blows for Katy wearing down the Steele defense while Breylann McCollum played the game of a lifetime with 272 yards total passing, on the run from Katy's defense most of the time, completing 22 of 33 attempts.

Katy came out of the locker room after a short pep talk from the coaches and former running back Andrea Dean (TCU running back) very focused and marched down field on their first possession when Taylor put the team on his back and forced his way into the end zone on a one yard run for six points. Mendoza nailed the PAT making the game 28-21 with 9:10 left in the third.

Cibolo countered on its first run of its first possession with a big run by Justin Stockton and then a Sterns two yard rush for the score. One of the turning points in the game was when Moses Gonzalez point after attempt hit the goal post and failed to go in. This made the score 28-27 in a game that could have turned into a track meet with the winning team being the last one to score before time expired.

Katy's next drive ended in a Manny Mendoza 26 yard field goal giving Katy a four point lead with just :10 seconds left in the third quarter.

Going into the fourth quarter Katy forced Steele to punt and the punter/QB who struggled to get solid punts off most of the day gave Katy a short field to work with for the fourth time.

The short field lead to a quick score by Anderson who had Taylor rush blocking for him from three yards out. Mendoza was again good with the PAT.

Katy was now up 37-27 with 7:04 left in the game. Cibolo came right back :24 seconds later (game time) with a Sterns touchdown but then missed two point conversion by McCollum left Steele behind 37-35.

Katy then used Taylor, Anderson and Fisher to move the ball down field while running five minutes off the clock until Taylor scored going right up the middle and with the Mendoza PAT made it a 45-33 with just 1:39 left for Steele to score twice almost putting the game out of reach without a miracle.

Steele didn't give up by any means and completed two more passes before Katy freshman defensive back saved the day for Katy by picking off a McCollum hail marry pass giving the ball back to Katy so Huddelston was able to do the victory formation ending the game giving Katy High School its first Division Championship in four years.

Katy will now play Cedar Hill at Jerry Jones' Cowboy Stadium next Saturday at 4 PM for the state title.



















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