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Katy Continues Post Season Dominance ending La Porte's Season early In a 55-10 show of defensevive S

December 6, 2012
By Doug Johnson of The Grind

Katy continues post season dominance ending La Porte's season early in a 55-10 show of defensive strength.

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If your reading this story you are either a football fan, a fan of Katy football or a parent of a player on the State of Texas' number one ranked high school football team. If your one or or more of the three things mentioned, then you are watching this year's Katy Football Program with astonishment at how dominant they have become in the last five games. or so. They have actually dominated the entire season and you may be wondering if this is the best team to ever wear that unique Tiger logo on their helmet.

When I think of
the best football teams ever I look at Division One college football for the simple fact that even though there is no play off system. college football seems the truest form of football. As far as the NFL is concerned. many will say the '85 bears or the '72 Dolfins but that is the elite of the elite and the best of the best playing and I want to talk about college football because that is were some of these kids will be playing in a year or two.

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In my random research for this story
, I "Googled" the word dominance and searched for things like "most dominant football teams ever" and what I found was a few  interesting top "whatever" lists of the Top College Single Season Football teams. One of the better blogs about this subject was a 2010 article on www.bleacherreport.com written by Rick Bause, a public relations manager also known as "Sportslifer". Bause seems to agree with most people in the know about college football that the best, most dominant college football team in a single season is non other than the 1995 Nebraska Corn Huskers. Immediately I saw the irony here as Katy's own senior running back Adam Taylor has verbally committed to Nebraska. It took more than those two commonalities for me to decide to write a commentary style article on the Katy Tigers big win over La Porte last Saturday that was clearly payback for that defeat Katy experienced last year.

 While reading Bause's reasoning for choosing the '95 Nebraska team I saw parallel after parallel between the two teams besides the fact they both wear red and white uniforms. Lets compare some stats and maybe we can decide whether or not this is Katy's best team ever. First of all the Huskers were 12-0 on the season Katy is now 13-0. Secondly, "Big Red" averaged 52 points a game and only gave up 14 on the season. So far Katy is averaging 52.2 points a game and only allowing 9.8 per game.

In '95 the Huskers beat four teams that were ranked in the top ten that year. So far this year Katy has won over Klein, Alief Taylor, The Woodlands, Seven Lakes, Cinco Ranch, Memorial, Westburry, Langham Creek and now
La Porte. All of these teams made the playoffs this year. In fact Alief Taylor, The Woodlands, Cinco Ranch, Memorial and were all ranked in the top 25 at one point during the 2012 season.

In an article on ESPN.com a
reader's pole decided who the best college single season team was and you guessed it, it was '95 Nebraska. A reader named Ed Olsen from Hemingford, NB. said "They were mean, cocky and loved playing with each other. I've never seen another team that would even come close. Even on a bad day, they were completely overpowering".

All that being said I could go on and on about this 2012 season for the Tigers and how this could be the best team ever but that is a story for another day so I will recap the game of the week vs the La Porte Bull Dogs.

I could sum up the third round match
by simply saying Katy held La Porte to 29 yards rushing and -2 yards passing with only one first down the entire game. The reason La Porte even got on the score board was due to a huge kick off return by Victor Holmes setting up field position for an Eric Medina 40 yard field goal. The other seven points came from a Ellis Hutchinson 30-yard pic six that was topped by an Eric Medina PAT.

The rest of the game excitement was courtesy of Katy's offense after each
La Porte series was shut down by the number one defense in the state. It started with a Manny Mendoza field goal with 8:08 left in the first quarter.

Just two minutes and
16 seconds later Rodney Anderson Katy's sophomore running back sensation goes downtown with a 64 yard punt return.

Katy's defense made short work of the next La Porte drive but when Katy got the ball back Hutchinson read Kiley Huddelston's eyes on a short pass intended for Andy Coonrod and his only pic six of the game.

Huddelston fired back on the very next play from scrimmage with a 72 yard bomb to Kyle Fulks for his 20th catch for 436 yards on the season
(Fulks had another catch in this game for 15 additional yards). Mendoza added the Pat making the score 17-7 going into the second quarter.

For Katy the second quarter was an all out Adam Taylor exhibition of speed and strength when he ran for back to back to back touchdown runs. These three touchdowns put Taylor within three scores of Katy's all time leading touchdown rusher Donovan Young who now plays for the University of Illinois. Taylor's scores and Mendoza's PAT's left the score 38-10 going into halftime.

In the second half Taylor let some teammates do the scoring as Sloan Spiller had a jaw dropping 20 yard catch and run breaking two tackles for the six points. Mendoza was money again making the score 45-10 in the third.

In the fourth Mendoza kicked another field goal and another PAT after Tricky Ricky Bickham scored his 11th touchdown and 598th rushing yard. This made the final score 55 to 10 as Katy proved just how powerful they are even after last years loss to La Porte

There is still the question of whether or not Katy's 2012 team is the best we have ever seen. Lets discuss that when the season is over in late December (we hope).

Next up is Cy Ranch at Rice Stadium next Saturday at 1PM. BE THERE WEAR RED AND BE LOUD! GO KATY!! STATE OR BUST!!

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