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The 2012 Football Season is Upon Us

August 21, 2012
By Doug Johnson of The Grind

Down here in the good ol'e south on any givin day a dark cloud can loom in the horizon giving hints of impending doom and destruction with lightning bolts and thunder announcing it presence. If you stand still for a minte you can smell the mosture in the air as strong as fresh cut grass.

Every year in Katy, Texas the smell of football and the imentant danger for opposing teams looms in the air. The energy level is high just like the above mentioned ligtning storm. The thunder comes from the marching bands drums and horns, the lightning is the Bengal Brigade and Cheer Leaders jumping and dancing showing off all the hard work they have done in the off season perfecting there skills. The smell of the football season is not just the smell of football players uniforms after two-a-days, its when the Town Pep Rally comes around after the first week of summer practice.

This anual event is used to introduce not only the varsity football players but the also the Varsity volleyball team along with the cross country track teams.

This years Town Pep Rally was held on August 20th to a packed house that was litterally standing room only. (Maybe time to re-think Rhodes Staduim). And includeds a cute skit form senior football parents, a short address from Coach Gary Joseph and gave all the positiong coaches time to announce the players in each position as the kids showed off their new yard signs.

This years energy and excitement from the community will be a big help pushing these boys to another state title in 2012. You could almost smell it seeing everyone who came out to show support to this years athletes. Click here to see all the photos from the Pep Rally.

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