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In Horsemaster with Julie Goodnight, Julie analyzes typically dysfunctional horse-human relationships, trains the horse, educates and retrains the human and then follows-up on later progress. Julie Goodnight is highly educational and practical for horse owners, with an entertaining flair combining the allure of voyeurism and a light-hearted humor. An emphasis is placed on the welfare of the horse and the safety of the human. Horse Master is entertaining, enlightening and educational with articulate explanations of horse behavior and human drama on the side. 

Julie Goodnight has spent her whole life with horses—from growing up on a central-Florida horse farm to showing hunters as a youth rider then choosing a fulfilling career that has allowed her to share her riding and training experience on television. She works with Western and English riders - skillfully helping horse and rider combos in every show and helping horse owners across the country reach their varied horsemanship goals.

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