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14 Reasons to Be Excited for 2014 IU FOOTBALL

August 4, 2014


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana football's annual media day came and went Monday morning at Memorial Stadium. Fourteen Hoosiers were made available to the media so we asked them all one simple question: What's the biggest reason to be excited about #IUFB? Without further ado, here are 14 reasons to come see the Hoosiers in 2014...

1. IT'S A NEW YEAR // Senior OL Bernard Taylor
"It's Indiana football. It's us. We're explosive. We're exciting. We're here and it's a new time. We're just ready to go."

2. A CHANCE TO WIN EVERY WEEK // Junior OT Jason Spriggs
"I think now that we have our coaching set solid, we have our players set, and we have everybody tough and big, I think now is when you're going to really watch out for us. I think we got pushed to the wayside by other times before as opposed to now, they're really going to have to come ready for us. They're going to have to prepare. They're going to have to be ready because we're coming and we're coming to break the house."

3. A NEW DEFENSIVE LEADER... // RS Senior LB David Cooper

"I feel like Coach Knorr is a real knowledgeable guy coming from Wake Forest. He's brought that passion and that new 3-4 scheme that fits our personnel. We're excited for camp and for the season. He's a real calm guy and real reasonable. He's a really great teacher."

4. ...AND A REVAMPED DEFENSE // Junior DE Nick Mangieri
"We have the new defense with Coach Knorr. There are going to be a lot of different looks and a lot of different blitzes. It's enough to get me excited for the season. It's just a different mindset. Everyone is coming together and trusting each other. Everybody is clicking together and meshing together."'

5. HE'S BACK // Junior RB Tevin Coleman
"For me, I'm real excited because I missed the last three games (ankle). I missed a lot of football that I was supposed to play. I'm real excited to get back to practicing with my guys. I have a different mindset to not only be the greatest in the Big Ten but the greatest in the nation. I'm just striving to do that and to get better every day."

6. GROWING TALENT BASE // Senior DT Bobby Richardson
"We have a lot of returning seniors. Our bond is crazy. We have guys in the NFL and we're all getting better. We're going to produce more guys to the NFL. We're just a strong-bonded team that trusts each other. You can feel a different connection between us. We're ready to win too. We have the biggest chip on our shoulder."

7. BRING THE WOOD // Sophomore S Antonio Allen

"One reason to be excited about IU football is the hitting this year. I feel like the defense is going to come out and we're going to ball hard. We're ready for whoever. We've been going against the offense, where you have guys like Tevin Coleman and Shane Wynn. We've just been trying to lock them down, but we're ready to hit someone else."

8. DEFENSIVE SWAGGER // Senior S Mark Murphy
"I think one thing to be excited about this year is the defensive swagger we're going to have. That unit is going to be back there flying around and having fun. We think we're in a better position to make plays this year. We've really come together as a group and really honed in on the little things. I really think that's going to help us fly around and have fun."

9. BIG PLAYERS, BIGGER PLAYS // Junior QB Nate Sudfeld
"I've got so many guys to get the ball to. Guys like Tevin Coleman and Shane Wynn make my job a lot easier. With all the time my O-Line gives me, we should see a lot of big plays again this year."

10. FOOTBALL IN THE AIR // Senior CB Tim Bennett
"The game day experience. It's probably the most fun thing I've ever had doing. Walking through the tailgate, slapping hands with the fans and then the crowd going crazy at the game is what I love. As the bus pulls down and we see all the fans, it just gets the juices flowing."

11. GOT POINTS? // RS Senior C Collin Rahrig
"We're going to light up the scoreboard and put points on other teams. No matter what, we're going to make everybody excited about IU football."

12. EAGER RECEIVERS // Senior WR Shane Wynn
"We have a lot of young guys with us, but they will help us a lot. Just to see them score, it just brings excitement to my face and the coaches' faces as well. When you teach the young guy the right things to do and they do it, you can't be more happy than that. They're a little bit more mature. They want to come in and actually learn. It's not a group that just wants to watch."

13. THEY BELIEVE // RS Senior WR Isaiah Roundtree
"We have a lot of people coming back. Coach Wilson is bringing a lot of energy. They've already redone the team room and we've had music playing. As soon as we came in, it was exciting. A lot of players outside of football are hanging out more and talking about football more. We feel like this is the year it's really about to pop. Everybody knows what they're doing. We lost some key players, but we have more key players rolling in. From my first year to now, it's a standard set and most people know the standard. If they don't, we have leaders showing them the standard."

"We definitely need to be excited for our 12th man, the fans. We need that home field advantage. We're a new team this year and we're looking to do big things. Everybody has heard the word around campus and everybody is going to want to come see it."

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