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Holden mock election has different result

December 14, 2012
Holden High School

by Shawn Conrad

Newspaper Class


The results are in. You know by now that Barack Obama has been re-elected as The President of the United States of America.

 He won the popular vote by over three million votes and he won the Electoral College votes by 126.

 It is definitely true that this year’s election has caused a stir in the U.S., let alone in Holden. Many of the high school students had a lot to say about this year’s election. Cody Calhoun conducted a mock presidential election as his senior project.

Calhoun wasn’t very surprised about the results, but he was “disappointed that the race wasn’t closer.”

Calhoun’s senior project helped educate the students on the real election issues and got students all over the school talking about it.

When asked how he felt about the results of the election Calhoun replied that he was very pleased with the results.  “I have mixed feelings about Obama being president again but I believe he will make some head way on the economic crisis,” he said.

Calhoun also had an interesting point about this country’s economy.

 “We are right back where we started concerning money issues because the government spent it all on the election,” he said. “Obama really needs to step up his game the next four years, or we will never get out of the hole that we are in.”

 Senior Austin Cagle is also an Obama supporter, but only because the other candidates weren’t any better.

“The only reason I’m happy about Obama winning the election is because at least we will get to keep most of our rights that we had before,” said Cagle. “I’m also happy that I’ll get to hear Obama’s gorgeous singing voice on TV more as well.”

 Senior Jeff Miller was on the opposite side of the spectrum. He wasn’t the happiest about Obama winning the election. His issue was with unemployment wages. “People will still be able to sit at home jobless, and get paid for it, leaving hard-working American tax payers to pull the weight those bums won't," Miller said.

 Senior Max Mickey was also in the same boat as Miller was.  “I was absolutely enraged when I found out that Obama was the president again,” he said. “I was sure that Romney would win, I mean what did Obama do for us last time?”

There were some students who were actually able to vote because they were at least 18 years old. One such student was Skyler Aldrich. He was very excited to vote this year, being his first time.

“It felt great to finally be able to vote for who I wanted,” replied Aldrich. “It made me feel more independent, and I encourage everyone to vote when they become eligible.”

Senior Kimber Watson was also able to vote this election as. Neither of the Candidates impressed her though, “I voted for who was less of an idiot”, said Watson, “but I do think that Obama deserves another chance to accomplish the goals he had for his last presidency.”

Although there are many different perspectives on this year’s election, in the end, all that will matter will be how Barack Obama affects each and every Americans’ life in the next four years.

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