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Olivia, Way To Go!!!! Graduate # 14

May 8, 2015 • Haysville Learning Cafe
ESSDACK • Tagged
Congrats to Olivia!!! She becomes graduate # 14. Olivia spent many 10 - 12 hour days getting her coursework completed. Her journey was one of tenacity and stamina. Way to go, Olivia!! With your ability to never give up, you will do amazing things!!!! More

Way To Go, Veronica!!!!

May 8, 2015 • Haysville Learning Cafe
ESSDACK • Tagged
Awesome News!!!!! Veronica has made it. Way To Go, Veronica! We know how hard you fought for this and we are so proud of you! Your story is truely inspirational. We see great things for you in the future. But, for now, relish in your amazing effort to get your diploma. You are lucky # 13. Y More

Graduate # 12!! Way To Go, Tre!

May 8, 2015 • Haysville Learning Cafe
ESSDACK • Tagged
Lindell Tre" made it and becomes our # 12 Graduate. Tre' is off to the military and has a ship out date in June. Way to go, Tre', Good luck and thanks for choosing to defend our great nation as a career. Your dedication will prove you well! My friend!! More

Student receives U.S. Citizenship Certificate

Mar 30, 2015 • Haysville Learning Cafe
ESSDACK • Tagged
We had another student pass her Citizenship test and receive her Citizenship Certificate on Friday, March 27th. Way To Go, Raquel Velasco. Darylee was at the ceremony, as well. We are so proud of Raquel and all of the hard work she and Darylee put in studying for her test. Awesome job, ladi More

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