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Henry Clay Volleyball 2011

Academic Philosophy

Our Academic philosophy is quite simple at Henry Clay High School - it is a part of our every day routine.   Over the past thirteen years, we have established a respected program in our city and in our state known for good sportsmanship, relentless effort on the court, and exceptional effort in the classroom.   A strong academic foundation is paramount to establish a solid foundation for our young student-athletes future growth.  Strong academics mixed with a strong athletic and spiritual focus promote exceptional healthy growth.

Our players and their parents have bought into our philosophy and together we are able to achieve high academic standards every year.  The players are proud of their academic performance and work hard at maintaining the level of success that their predecessors have established for our program.

Our players set lofty academic goals and then work hard to achieve them; this is the primary reason for their success.  Good communication also helps with regard to knowing when the academic load gets difficult and some extra time away from practice may be needed.  I also keep email contact with all their teachers to keep an up to date handle on their progress.  This way I can either commend them when I hear good things and I am also able to help correct potential academic troubles before they get too big.  Working together has helped us achieve our high academic goals as well as many of our other goals.  We also have fun doing it which makes the journey worthwhile.