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Volleyball » Henry Clay Volleyball Player Accountability


Henry Clay Volleyball

Player Accountability

  • 1. Establish personal and competitive goals. Develop a lifestyle that reflects the pursuit of these goals. Do not say that you want to win and be a champion, and then exhibit poor time management skills, poor rest and nutritional habits. Sloppy personal habits or questionable social behavior in your daily life. Model your complete lifestyle, habits and thought processes towards being a champion on and off the court. At the end of the day, ask yourself if you feel good and proud of yourself.

  • 2. Solve the motivation issue. Do not put the coaches in the position of making you do the things you have already committed yourself to do. This means ridding yourself of the many distractions (conflicts with teammates, a low exam score, a bad day, poor performance on the last drill, or boyfriend problems) that can prevent you from being properly motivated. Be responsible for pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone as often as possible. After all, your motivation comes from the goals you have set, and your commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed.

  • 3. Learn the line of wisdom with regard to social behavior. Every social situation in high school is filled with difficult choices. The decision to behave in a particular fashion may be acceptable in one situation but unwise in another. Refine your sense of right and wrong as a student-athlete and learn how to creatively apply it in social situations.

  • 4. You have your personal dreams of athletic and academic achievement. The team has goals that the group has chosen to be important to achieve. Your dreams and the team's goals MUST be consistent with each other. When they are, commit yourself to achieving these dreams and goals. Successfully achieving your dreams and team goals will give you a great sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and happiness. Commit yourself, and do not settle for second best. Your commitment, lifestyle, and tenacity to get what you want will govern your success.

  1. Set high standards.  Expect a lot from yourself, your teammates, and coaches.  Use self-discipline to control your self in your desired direction.  Peer pressures should be kept at a high standard as well to move towards achieving team goals.  You do not need a weak link to hold you back from your hard efforts.