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Henry Clay vs. Scott Co.

April 27, 2010
By Charissa Riley of Henry Clay High School

On April 21st our Lady Devils came close to a clean sweep in their match against Scott Co. It was an 8-1 win for Henry Clay.

In singles play:
1. Claire Mielcarek played Jamie Robb (8-1)
2. Madi Ray vs. Nicole Miracle (6-2) (6-2)
3. Shae Henry vs. Sammie Russell (8-0)
4. Elle Tsamas vs. Nicole Goodman (8-2)
5. Carlisle Berkley vs. Bailey Ubellacker (8-2)
6. Laura Benrey vs. Kaitlyn Oliver (8-3)

1. Claire Mielcarek/Shae Henry vs. Corey Biggers/Laura Secord (6-2) (6-1)
2. Meg Kane/Katie Harris vs. Shelby Rohlfing/Allison Wolfe (6-2) (2-6) (1-6)
3. Ginny Hoyt/Rachel Geil vs. Madison Rexrat/Allsion Rexrat (8-2)

Join us as we play GRC on April 28th at the Winchester Counry Club.

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