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Senior Ads for Yearbook

October 28, 2011
By Deborah Buma of Harpeth High School

Announcing: Senior ADs and Yearbook sales for 2011

The 2011-2012 Arrow Yearbook Staff is once again offering Parents of seniors the special opportunity to publicly recognizing your special graduate with a SENIOR AD. This is a personalized message (with or without pictures) which appears in the Yearbook along with other ADs from proud Parents. Most Parents do not tell their seniors that they are ordering an AD, so when the yearbooks are distributed, it is a wonderful surprise. Contents may include a message and pictures- preferably a 3x5 photo (not an original please) which you submit with the AD. Please enclose a self-Addressed, stamped envelope with your name, Address, and your graduate’s name on the back of the picture so we can return the photos. The envelope must be large enough and have enough postage to accommodate all materials that will be returned to you at the end of the school year. Attached is a form for specifying how your AD should be laid out.

The deadline for Parent ADs will be November 4. Any Parent ADs submitted after this date will be charged an Additional late fee on top of the Parent AD price. There will be a Parent AD preview night date that will be announced at a later time.

  • Full page price- $245 with a maximum of 200 words and 1 dominate picture and 7 secondary pictures.
  • ½ page price- $145 with a maximum of 150 words and 1 dominate picture and 4 secondary pictures.
  • ¼ page price- $90 with a maximum of 90 words and 1 dominate picture and 2 secondary pictures.
  • 1/8 page price- $60 with a maximum of 40 words and 1 picture.


Please note if a word or picture limit is exceeded, you will be charged for the next picture size AD. The deadline for submitting Parent ADs is November 4th. Please have them to us by then. Orders can be placed by mail or you or your student can bring them in. That sounds like a long way away, but it will be here before you know it. We have an early deadline to meet for these pages. Please use the order from enclosed to place the order and specify what you want. Messages are processed on a prepaid bases only and checks should be payable to Harpeth high school. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 952-2811 from 11:15 till 1:55 on weekdays.


As an Added bonus, you may also order our seniors Yearbook at this time. Yearbooks will be sold for the low price of $50 and seniors may have their names stamped on the cover of the Yearbook for an Additional $6.50. Save time and hassle by ordering your AD and your Yearbook at the same time. We will give every student that buys a Yearbook a receipt.

Send the order form and your payment to Harpeth high School Yearbook, 170 E. Kingston Springs TN, 37082. Remember to enclose a self Addressed, stamped envelope and make sure the envelope will hold the pictures to send back. We cannot return pictures without a self-Addressed, stamped envelope. Also, remember we cannot guarantee the sage return of originals. Please make camera ready copies of your precious photos (a suggestion is with a Kodak picture maker at Walgreen’s) please return this order form by October 28.


  • Neither the Yearbook Staff nor Walsworth Publishing is responsible for the loss or damage of any photo sent in. this is why you should not send in any original photos.
  • Please do not send in pictures copied on a copy machine, yes this has happened.
  • The ADs will be arranged by the Yearbook Staff to accommodated sizes and space of ADs.
  • If orders are late, we cannot guarantee its placement in the Yearbook.

The dos and don’ts of Parent ADs:  

  • Do not scan all pictures onto one page- we can only use one picture on a sheet.
  • No cut, torn, or cropped pictures, no exceptions.
  • No pictures that contain inappropriate content- please do not send in naked baby pictures.
  • The pictures must be of high quality.
  • Digital pictures must be sent on photographic paper.


The Yearbook Staff will edit the ADs for spelling and grammar issues. Make sure that you proofread and spell check your AD thoroughly before submission. We want all of the ADs to be perfect and professional, so we will check with you to see if we are unsure about any of the content of the submitted ADs.

See the order form on the back

 Order forms for Parent ADs, Yearbooks, and name stamping: please return this sheet along with the cash or check for the total amount to the Yearbook Staff.

Parent AD Order

 Please add your senior’s full name on the line provided. We will use this information for all senior projects. Senior composite, formals, pictures in yearbooks. (Please print)

 First, middle, last- _______________________________________________________        

Please use the first and last name that your senior goes by in the Parent AD. (Please print)



Day time phone-__________________________________________


Quantity of parent as(s) __________ Size(s) _________ Amount due-__________


Please note if word or picture limit is exceeded, you will be charged for the next AD size.

Message to the Yearbook Staff regarding the AD? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please attach a sheet of paper with your Ad message, in print or typed to ensure readability.

Yearbook order

Quantity of yearbook(s)________ amount due___________ (@ $50.00 each)

If you are ordering yearbooks for the seniors siblings(s) please print their names below



  Name stamping order

If ordering name stamping, please write the names exactly as you want it to appear on eh cover of the yearbook. This option is for seniors only.


Add 6.50$ to the cost of the yearbook ________



   Amount of parent Ad     __________


yearbook total @  $50.00 each            __________

 +  name stamping @ 6.50     __________


             Total order $______________

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