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It Was Just an Accident

May 22, 2014
Greene Central High School

     Everyone knows how stressful it is to start driving. Accidents happen, and tickets are handed out left and right, but there are always two sides to every story. 

     There can be humorous points of view, and there are not-so-humorous points of view.

     Senior Kaitlyn Carr was in a car accident on July 16th. She was turning left onto Kingold Boulevard from the Food Lion entrance, and a truck hit her driver’s side and flipped her vehicle. She said, “There was an 18-wheeler in the turn lane on my left side, and I didn’t see around it in time. I was very scared after the wreck, and I thought my parents would be mad because my car was totaled.” 

     Carr’s parents were only happy to know that she was okay, although upset that her insurance went up to two hundred dollars a month. Carr also received a ticket for failure to yield. She says she is a “more cautious” driver after her experience.

    Junior Austin Mooring had an accident on one of the icy days in February and totaled his truck. The wreck was a little less than a mile from his home. Mooring said, “I started sliding, and I was headed towards a ditch. When I was about to hit it, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I was laying on my roof, and I realized I flipped. I had to kick my window out to climb out of my truck, and then I called my parents.” 

     He said he was not wearing a seatbelt. Mooring’s parents were mainly glad to hear their son was in good condition, but he didn’t have a replacement vehicle to drive for a little while afterwards. The wreck did not affect his insurance because he did not get a ticket because he was the only person involved. He added, “It definitely changed the way I drive. I will NEVER drive on ice, and I always wear my seatbelt now.” 

    Civics and AP Psychology teacher Allen Wooten hit a deer in January going 20 mph. The deer lived, but he had to replace his front bumper. “It was a peculiar situation and nothing I could’ve helped avoid,” said Wooten. “After the insurance deductible of $500, the total repair cost was $1500.”

     Junior Haley Andrews experienced her first accident when she turned sixteen after getting her dream car. She explained, “I loved everything about the car, and I couldn’t have been any happier.” Andrews wrecked her car in front of the courthouse in downtown Snow Hill. “I was talking to my little brother and I looked away for maybe two seconds, and when I looked up it was too late,” she said. “I ran right into the back of Officer Brown. My air bag popped out, and the whole front end of my car was smashed in. At the time, I was only concerned about if my brother and Officer Brown were okay.”

     Andrews called her mother and father and they were only happy that she was okay. She also called her friends Megan, Dylan, and Tyler immediately afterwards, and they all arrived within five minutes. They made her “feel a lot better about the situation.” 

     “I didn’t get a ticket for it, but my insurance doubled,” Andrews said. “I totaled my car, and I had to find something else. It was definitely something I won’t forget, and I drive 10 times more careful now.”

     History teacher, Mary Ellen Deans had a wreck on her way home from decorating for prom at Walnut Creek on April 17. “The car in front of me slammed on brakes, and I could not avoid hitting him. I received the ticket, and my insurance is going up,” explained Deans. “This was not my first wreck.” Weeks later, Deans is outraged for also being sued by the other person for soft tissue damage. She added, “I do not believe in soft tissue damage.”

     Senior Alyssa Krodel was pulling to the stop sign out of McDonald’s on a Sunday after eating lunch with her family. At the time, McDonald’s was just renovated. “A guy in front of me who was not familiar with the area and did not realize to pull past the stop sign to see the road. He slammed on brakes at the stop sign, and I rear-ended him.” The man she hit was very angry. In tears, she went back to McDonald’s to get her parents. “After the cops showed up the man I hit calm down and everything was fine. I received the ticket, and months after the accident, the man attempted to make me pay for chiropractor bills because I gave him ‘whip lash’.”

By Sadie Nash

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