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What Makes a Class Boring

May 1, 2014
By Donald Clark of Greene Central High School

By Stormie Moore



            To some students a class may be energetic but other classes are boring for them.

            “A class is boring when there aren’t any instructions or guidance in the classroom,” said freshman Ally Turnage. “Also, it can be boring when there isn't enough work to fulfill the allotted time in a class period.”   

             There are many ways that can make a class boring, and everybody will have his/her own option on what will make a class boring. 

            “Not learning and not being interested with a certain topic [can make a class boring],” commented senior T.J. Edwards.

            “What I think makes a class boring is when a teacher gives busy work and never wants to explain the work afterwards,” said freshman Jessica Stevens.

             “The subject of the class can make a class boring if it is not interesting,” commented junior Kaley Sumrell. “When teachers teach the class the same way every day, it can make a class boring.” 

             “To make a class as interesting as possible, I try to vary what we do each day, so students don’t get bored when they come in my class,” said Rebecca Burris.

             “I think the teaching style really depends on whether a class is interesting or not; if a teacher knows the subject well and knows how to connect with the students, the class will be more fun,” commented junior Kasey Turnage. “If a teacher hands out worksheets and doesn't interact, everyone will be extremely bored.”

          “If a teacher is willing to help and joke around with their students and have a good time, that’s what makes a class fun,” said senior Tyler Grifton. 

           "Have fun while learning, laugh sometimes; I think it helps the teacher and students enjoy what they are doing,” commented Tonya Ebron. “It also helps the time go by so much quicker."

                  “Interaction between student and teacher and  both having to think outside the box to make a class interesting,” said assistant principle Dexter Simms.


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