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It's More Than Just Work

April 3, 2014
By Donald Clark of Greene Central High School

By T.J. Edwards


      Community service is a great way to put students at the top of the list for college enrollment. Students often don’t realize the importance of it until their senior year in high school.

      Many colleges not only want a student with the highest grade point average,  but also want a student who is well-rounded. A well-rounded student could be defined as someone who branches out, is an officer of a club, plays sports, is involved in more than one club, and also is willing to volunteer numerous hours. "A lot of students dislike community service, but colleges will look at students that succeed in not only the classroom. They encourage students to play sports and join clubs because it will make their college experience easier," said senior counselor Marcy Lamm.

     Greene Central offers many opportunities to get community service. A student needs to have at least twenty hours of community service to graduate, but going beyond that is recommended. 

      Greene Central’s JROTC program provided a 90th birthday dinner at Greene County’s community center for local World War II Veteran Mr. Robert Britt. “It was fun and a good experience getting to know a World War II vet,” said freshman Montavious Battle. 

      Having extra hours helps separate students from others, which provides them with a better chance of being accepted by the college of their choosing. 

      Here at Greene Central, there is a documentation form in the counselor’s office that tracks how many hours a student has throughout his or her high school career. Mrs. Luanne Price in the counselor’s office keeps up with every single community service paper that a student turns in.

     Community service isn’t just work required for graduation. There are many skills students acquire that will benefit them in the future, which is one of the main reasons community service is required.

     "I think more people should be encouraged to do community service because of the experience you gain from it. A lot of people expect money for everything they do, and it just feels good to help knowing you aren't getting paid," said sophomore Jacob Melvin.

     It is important to build on community service hours early in a high school career because students don’t want to be cramming all 20 hours into a couple of months.

     Gaining hours early saves stress and time, which is essential when balancing a high school career with a social life.

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