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Cell Phone Use At Greene Central

March 10, 2014
Greene Central High School

Cell Phone Use At Greene Central 

By Shoniqua Wellington

   The Greene Central High School cell phone policy is less strict this year. Students now have times where they are able to use cell phones in school.

   The new cell phone policy allows students to use their phones in the hallways and other places besides the classroom. The policy also states when students enter a classroom, all phones shall be put up and out of sight.

   Studies have shown that 68% of high school students take their cell phones to school. Most schools look at this as a problem, but there are actually some advantages to a student taking a cell phone to school.

   When students need to contact their parents to get permission to stay after school for tutoring, extra curricular activities and sports, students are able to do this with the new policy in place. Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages; for example cell phone use in the classroom is a major distraction. 

   Greene Central students, teachers, and administrators all have positive thoughts on the new cell phone policy. Greene Central senior  Katie Avery said “the new cell phone is a smart idea because this year I have seen less students get their phone taken in class”.

   Sophomore Amanda Woodard said, “I like being able to use my cell phone in the hallway, and I don’t have to stress about getting it taken at lunch.”  Civics and Economic teacher Cinnamon Powell stated,“The cell phone policy is much more student and teacher friendly, and it makes it easier for teachers to enforce no cell phones in the classroom because the students can use them in the hallway and at lunch.”

   Greene Central Assistant Principal Diane Blackman said, “I think the cell phone policy is good, and it gives students more responsibility and  more freedom, and as long as they abide by the rules its a good privilege for them.” Before the new policy, Blackman said students had the excuse of having to text or call my mom, but by giving them this privilege of using their cell phones they would not need excuses anymore. 

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