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Social Networking to Finish Homework

March 10, 2014
By Donald Clark of Greene Central High School

Social Networking and Homework

By Stormie Moore


Social media and electronics have created a world of digital distractions for students, but it also helps students with completing their homework.

Kids are on their computers using online textbooks and doing internet research, allowing for easy access to Facebook and Twitter.

“[Social media sites] are a big distraction when I am trying to do my homework,” said senior Alexis Barnes. “Even if I only mean to get on a few minutes, I always end up staying on it longer.”

In a 2010 study done by Pew Research Center, 73% of American teens partake in social media websites. Instant access to the internet through smartphones helps enable this use.

“I use my smartphone to get on social media websites 24/7,” said senior Jalisa Braswell. 

Social networking is not only a bad thing when it comes to homework.

Students also use social networking to chat with friends from school to ask about how to do their homework.

“Some teachers set up their own Facebook page just so students can talk to them about their homework,” said teacher Rebecca Burris. “Also teachers are able to post reminders for students on their page.”

Teachers also use texting their students, “I send out text messages of reminders to students of stuff that’s due the next day,” said Lucerito Sanchez.

Students get on Facebook messaging and talk with each other about their homework as they are working on it to help each other with things they don’t understand.

“I get on Facebook and message a friend from class to mainly help me with my English homework,” said senior Tyler Griffin “I also use it to make sure I have everything done and turned in on time.”

A lot of people that I talk to use the same way now to get help on their homework. “I usually just text whoever to get help on my homework or if I have any questions,” said freshman Jessica Stevens.

People incredibly rely on their cell phones and social networking to help them through life.

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