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A Changing School Culture at Greene Central

February 27, 2014
By Donald Clark of Greene Central High School



Greene Central’s culture has changed dramatically this year, thanks to new principal Patrick Greene.

Greene commented, “A school culture can say a lot about the school.” So far, his goals to improve school culture have been efficient. “Suspensions are now a third of what they were last year at this time, students’ scores are up on end of grade tests from first semester, and in two weeks a Government Education Liaison is coming out here to see what it is we have done to create a huge improvement in just a short amount of time” said Greene.

Teachers agree with Greene’s proposition. Librarian Jill Whitson commented, “I think our schools’ culture is improving; students are more engaged now than they were five years ago.” 

Foods teacher Kathy Wegmann stated, “Our new administration is very supportive. Their main focus is on the students and making them feel apart of the school rather than focusing on dress code and stuff that doesn’t matter or affect education.”

Students attending GCHS like what the principal has done to achieve an improved school environment.

Junior Kimberly Fields said, “I can tell a difference in my teachers’ efforts to connect with us and help us achieve our absolute best.” 

Senior Jessica Faircloth stated, “The school has been really chill and relaxed compared to last year. Referring to dress code, we can pretty much wear what we want, and dress code is no longer more important than education.

Sophomore Princeton Porter said, “Yes, the school culture has changed a whole lot.”

Guidance counselor Tiona Vernon commented, “I think that the dynamics have changed. It seems that the students are more excited and more focused. Administration has been really good at listening to staff and students to meet their needs and to make them happy” 

 She also said, “Our administrative teams are cohesive; they know how to get the job done, and at the same time they know how to have fun.”

Diane Blackman, GCHS assistant principal, concluded, “I think it’s great, positive. I think everybody is happy to be here.”

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