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The Challenges of Senior Year for Students

February 20, 2014
Greene Central High School

The Challenges of Senior Year for Students

By Stormie Moore



Thesenior year can be the most exciting and best time of a student’s life, but it can also have many difficult challenges. 

“There’s much to do as a senior and many more responsibilities,” said senior counselor Marcy Lamm. 

Some of those responsibilities include getting all required community service hours, registering and taking the SAT or ACT, visiting college campuses, completing the senior graduation project, and finishing any required courses such as Advanced Functions and Modeling. 

“Math has always been a hard subject for me, so knowing I have to complete this course to graduate is very stressful,” said senior Alexis Barnes. English IV is another course requirement for graduation during which students must complete a Senior Project.

Senior projects put a lot of stress on seniors for their last year of high school. How much hard work does it take to complete this project? According to Jasmine Webb, a 17 year old senior at Greene Central High School, her senior project not only required a lot of hard work and time, but it was somewhat costly because students have to provide their own materials. 

In addition to any expenses from the senior project, seniors also have to worry about paying for many other things, such as senior pictures, their cap and gown, and possibly college tuition.

To ease some of the tuition cost, students can apply for scholarships. However, that could be a time consuming task. 

“It’s not that scholarship applications are difficult; it just takes a lot of time,” said Mrs. Lamm.

Not only did Webb agree with this, many other seniors did as well.

Perhaps the largest cause of stress for seniors is knowing they have to decide on a major or career. 

“Seniors also are stressing about having to leave home for some colleges,” stated senior teacher Lucerito Sanchez.

Lamm offers this advice for seniors: “Decide well, because you have to work a job for 30 years before you can retire.” 

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