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Red Devils Crush Cummings

February 24, 2013
By Denis Vass of Graham High School

  It wouldn't have mattered where the game was played tonight. It could have been scheduled to be played on the moon for all Graham cared.  The results would have been the same- a crushing win over Graham's nemesis, Cummings.  Graham won easily by a 64-53 score in the championship game of the Mid-State 2-A tournament played in Bartlett Yancey, this year's tournament host.  

   The Cavaliers played a thouroughly atypical Cummings basketball style, was way out of sync first half, and the Red Devils took full advantage.  Graham came thoroughly prepared, totally focused, and played with such intensity and ferocity that there was no way the Red Devils would be denied tonight.

  Graham (22-5) came out of the gate roaring and ready to play.  Neither team could buy a basket, but Graham was able to make some free throws to open up the first quarter 12-6. 

  Cummings was so out of it the second period, Graham outhustled, out played, and out scored the Caviliers 19-13 to sprint into the locker room leading 31-19.  The Red Devil's 19 2nd period scoring equaled the point total Cummings scored the whole first half.

  So out of whack were the Cavailers that they had 4 three point baskets to their 2-two point basket the first half, and the number of missed free throws was astounding.

  The second half, the Red Devils did everything necessary to maintain their lead, hustling and diving all over the floor over loose balls, fighting for every rebound, taking charges when necessary, and thoroughly frustrating the Cavaliers.

  The true tale of the tape was at the charity stripe, where Graham was able to win the game.  Indeed, Graham hit an astonishing 23 of their 28 free throws, to Cumming's 15 of 29.

  While Kendall Patterson led all players with 19 points, it was truly a team vicory for the Red Devils.  6 players led a balanced scoring attack, with Antonio Turner, Don Evans, and Michael Ratliff scoring 7 points each, Troy Bowden adding 6, Trent Torain and Jamal Richomnd 5 points each.

  Patterson wowed the nearly packed gym with numerous spin moves and nifty baskets that had the crowd buzzing with his athleticism.

  Cummings lost for the fourth time this season, their record now is 20-4.  It is not outside of the realm of possibility that Graham and Cummings will see each other in a few weeks in the State Playoffs.  Graham has now won nine staight games.  

  The Red Devils wait the pairings for the state playoffs, which begin next week, to be announced tomorrow afternoon. Graham will start the playoffs at home next week.

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