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New Head Coach Announced

April 1, 2012
Graham High School

New Graham football coach: ‘Wins are going to come’

By Bob Sutton Times-News



Anthony Timmons, who had been the football coach at East Montgomery for four seasons before leaving that position in January, has been hired as Graham’s new coach.


Timmons met with Graham players Wednesday.


“The one thing I really stressed to the kids was that we’re not going to live in the past. The past is the past,” Timmons said. “The main thing is we’re trying to better the kids and the school as a whole, so they can go out and be good citizens.


“Change is going to come, but I want people to understand that Rome wasn’t built overnight. As long as people support us, the wins are going to come.”


Timmons replaces Mike Mc-Cauley, who spent seven seasons directing the Red Devils after moving up from the defensive coordinator’s role that producedastate championship. Timmons will be an exceptional children’s teacher at Graham.

Timmons’ teams went 17-29-1 in four seasons at Class 1-A East Montgomery, where he held his first head coaching position after arriving from an assistant coaching job at East Gaston. He’s also a former assistant coach at Forbush and North Davidson.


Graham principal Charlotte Holmes said about 20 applicants were narrowed to three finalists before Timmons was selected. She said she was impressed with references regarding his work ethic.


“We felt that Coach Timmons was the best fit for our program,” Holmes said. “He has a positive personality and a winning attitude. … It’s a different opportunity for him to grow. To getting a program to move to excellence.”


Timmons, who turns 32 in June, said his teams never faced an opponent from Alamance County, but he’s familiar with the landscape here. He’s from Davidson County and his wife is from Greensboro.


“I’ve always heard about football up this way,” he said. “Graham has some tradition from both of the Mosers (Gary and Pat) being coaches. … It was a lot of tradition. It’s in a great county and within the county there’s a lot of schools that have played for state championships or won state championships.”


To read the entire Times-News article, click HERE

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