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Seniors Grand Slam Southern Alamance

October 3, 2011
By Karyn Collie of Grimsley Senior High School

In a match where only seniors played, Grimsley's six seniors came out victorious against Southern Alamance.  All seniors and their parents were recognized between singles and doubles and received tokens of appreciation for all their efforts as members of the Grimsley tennis team.  We are honored to have six wonderful girls as leaders of our team.  Their scores were as follows:


Court Grimsley High School   vs Southern Alamance High School   Winning Scores


Doubles 1 Clare Cox
Roxanne Henshall
vs Mckenzie Pennington
Audrey Greeson
8 - 0
Doubles 2 Adair Clark
Allison Schoonhagen
vs Taylor Fuller
Carly Fuller
8 - 1
Doubles 3 Emily Gerkin
Ryan Oakley
vs Taylor Mebane
Jessica Patterson
8 - 0
Singles 1 Clare Cox
vs Mckenzie Pennington
10 - 0
Singles 2 Roxanne Henshall
vs Audrey Greeson
10 - 1
Singles 3 Adair Clark
vs Taylor Fuller
10 - 0
Singles 4 Allison Schoonhagen
vs Carly Fuller
10 - 0
Singles 5 Emily Gerkin
vs Taylor Mebane
10 - 1
Singles 6 Ryan Oakley
vs Jessica Patterson
10 - 1

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