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Summer Information for 2014

June 12, 2014
By Jade Dickerson of Grimsley Senior High School

Summer information for Grimsley 2014 Cross Country

Greetings.  Welcome or welcome back to Grimsley Cross Country.  Both teams have a lot of talent and we want to try to capitalize upon it.  However, don’t forget that teams that contend for championships are the teams that start running in June instead of August.  Our goal for this summer is to set up a series of times that coaches and/or parents will be available to have semi-organized team runs.

Summer running on your own

(a)   Run 5-6 days per week if you can.  Don’t run 7.  You don’t need that right now.

(b)  Run at a pace that is comfortable for you.  We’re just trying to build strength in the offseason.  There is no need to run as fast as you can.

(c)   We want you to build up slowly, but by August we want you to easily handle being able to run 50 – 65 minutes (or more) daily.  

(d)  Lastly, distance running has a concept known as the long run.  This is the one run you do per week that builds the most strength because it is usually (roughly) 25% of your weekly mileage count.  For us, try to build up so that each week you can do one 8-10 mile run. 


It is important that you build up your mileage slowly.  Trying to increase too quickly leads to injury and/or discouragement and neither are conducive to improving your running.  I usually recommend starting at what you can handle (which even for high school skinny beginners is 30 minutes, veterans 40-45) and increasing your running time by 5-8 minutes every 1.5 to 2 weeks.  Just make sure you can handle the 50-65 minutes or more of running when we start! 


Summer running with the coaches – Coaches and/or parents ARE allowed to have summer practices with their athletes.  There are some conditions to this that we must and will strictly follow: 

(a)  Any student who wants to run with us must have an updated physicalI don’t care where you say it is…if you don’t put it in my hands I will send you home on the spot, probably with an unkind word about not following clear instructions.

(b)  A coach or adult must be present at all runs.

(c)   Practice CANNOT (and won’t be) mandatory. 

(d)  Students must be academically eligible with the same eligibility rules that apply during the regular school year.  This means passing five classes and attending 85% of school days during the 2nd semester.

(e)   And for parents:  Students are NOT covered by the school’s catastrophic insurance policy that covers them during the regular school year.



On the reverse side you will find the current schedule that we will hold to for the summer.  This is just informing you of where coaches are going to be to run.  Again, it is not mandatory; it is just letting you know who will be there and when.  The email list we make can be used to add any new information to this:


June 16th – June 20th  Country Park 8:30 am (Come in off Pisgah Church Rd. and pass Lewis Center.  Park near the Spencer Love Tennis Courts)

June 23rd  – June 27th  Bur-Mil Park 8:30 am (Turn at the pool, continue to the end at the cul-de-sac.)

July 7th – July 11th Bur-Mil Park (8:30 am)

July 28th-July 31st – Hamilton Lakes Park 8:30 am.  (Parking lot on Starmount Rd. at intersection of Starmount and Kemp E. Drive).


Profe and Coach Ngo at N. Guilford are in the infant stages of planning a running (day) road trip for the summer.  He will keep you posted.


Good luck and happy running this summer. Sign up on www.dailymile.com to log your miles and keep up with others. Please note that the first official day of Grimsley practice will be on Friday, August 1st


Coach Peoples – 545-8901  peoples@gcsnc.com

Coach Dickerson – 355-8180  dickerj@gcsnc.com 


Safety – There are some things to keep in mind for summer running.  Bring plenty of water with you whenever you go run, and try to find shady places to run if you can.  Most important of all, keep your safety in mind.  Running alone is not recommended.  Bringing sunblock, hats, sunglasses and anything to protect you from sun and heat is also a good idea.

Equipment – Make sure that your shoes are in good shape. Do not wear them to practice but rather bring them separately in an extra bag. Put them on minutes before we begin practice. Wear flip-flops before and after practice to air out your feet. Bring an extra, dry shirt and a towel to every practice.

Final Note:  Other than our first meet, we don’t have a finalized schedule, yet, but we’ll keep you posted.  The first meet is the second day of school. We do know that Regionals and State are the last weekends in October and the first weekends in November.  Please keep those dates open.  You never know.


**Pre-school schedule:  (Please note: THIS MAY CHANGE.  IT’S HARD TO MAKE FINAL DECISIONS IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!  WE’LL KEEP YOU POSTED.)

August 1st – Grimsley Track at 8:30 am.

                                    August 4th – 8th—Bur-Mil Park at 8:30 am or 6 pm

                                    August 11th- 15th– Country Park at 8:30 am or 6 pm

                                    August 18th – 22th – Grimsley Track at 6:00 pm


When school begins, practice will be every day. We will meet at the new track.


**You have to make a minimum of 12 of these after the first official practice date except for extenuating circumstances.  Every two voluntary practice that you attend will count as one official.

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